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Tipply Tank

Breed rare NFT pets in a virtual aquatic metaverse.
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Tipply Tank is a Free to Play (F2P) pet simulator game that features non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can level up or down. An immersive digital pet gaming experience, Tipply offers an environment for you to bond with your fish, tending to them from baby hatchlings to full-fledged adults.

Originally built on Ethereum, Tipply Tank has implemented Enjin's free JumpNet blockchain to provide a richer, more rewarding experience with affordable NFTs for everyone.

Let's get Tipply

Using NFTs, Tipply offers a new, decentralized take on virtual pets like Tamagotchis. As you feed them and progress through the game, your NFTs grow stronger and healthier than ever.

A Play to Earn (P2E) economy, Tipply Tank lets you hatch, grow and breed your own variety of multicolored blowfish.

As soon as you sign up for an account, Tipply credits you with three unique F2P Tipply eggs, which come in a range of five colors. While F2P Tipplys are all earth-tone colors, P2E Tipplys come in upgraded vibrant neon color spectrums.

Once you hatch your eggs, the fun begins. Name your baby Tipply, drop it in your virtual Tipply Tank, and start feeding it to grow!

Leveling-up is simple: just keep your Tipply's energy above 70%. Health progress for each of your Tipplys is shown in an energy bar, which declines every hour on the hour.  As you level up, this time is reduced.

Finally, all Tipplys can be minted as NFTs that are fully tradable and collectible. Also, to feed your fish, you can buy food pellets using the native DYT token. Tipply players have the chance to earn part of a $45,000 prize pool (at press time.)

With the Enjin Wallet, you can easily link up to Tipply Tank using a QR code. Head to your app, click on DAPP BROWSER, navigate to, and follow the instructions.

From there, you can use your Enjin wallet to buy food pellets for your Tipplys, view all your fish, visit your Tipply Tanks and keep up with the marketplace, leaderboard, and pool prize. Additionally, Tipply is exploring the integration of its Tipplys across the entire Enjin multiverse, so you can see your colorful (maybe even rare) puffers pop up in different worlds.

There are 2 billion unique Tipplys up for grabs, some more scarce than others, which is why many of them are listed at a high value on secondary markets. So keep your Tipplys healthy by feeding them regularly; you never know if your own blowfish could be the next rare puffer to hit the market!

Tipply's native token, DYT, can also be used to buy in-game items like Tipplys and food. DYT tokens are used to reward you within the game as you work your way up in the Tipply aquatic metaverse.

Exciting developments to watch out for in the future are Tipply's mobile app, slated for Q3 2021, as well as fantastic new animations, stunts, and tricks for Tipply pets happening towards the end of this year.

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