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Utilify is a blockchain collaboration platform that aims to connect creators, brands, and developers—allowing them to create incredible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that feature expanding utility across many games and apps.

For the first time ever, collectors and players will be able to visually browse the NFT Multiverse on Utilify’s map, exploring an array of interconnected projects and discovering unique NFT utilities across various games and apps.

Future development plans include a map widget, enabling projects to display the multiverse in action, right on their own website.

For collectors who are scouring the blockchain for the best NFTs, this is a new paradigm of virtual item discovery—and an entirely new, collaborative way for users to discover new games and apps.

For developers, this unleashes a unique opportunity to find compelling and popular NFTs that they can integrate and infuse with more utility.

When a new utility is added to an NFT, the registered holders of each NFT will be notified of the new features, as well as how to take advantage of this newfound value.

For creators and brands, Utilify features a collaboration infrastructure built to make it easy to work together. For example, token creators can reach out to other developers and ask them to add utility to their NFTs—and can even offer to pay them for it.

Creators can even upload resources, like 3D models, images, and sketches, to make it easier for other projects to adopt their tokens.

Adding licenses to their resources will also allow creators to protect their IP, and ensure their proprietary content isn't used by other projects unless new utility is added to the tokens.

Creating is all about having fun while collaborating with like-minded folk, and Utilify has captured that essence marvelously.

Built to scale multi-game virtual item utility, the platform goes beyond anything the world has ever seen, unifying creators and users across a decentralized yet highly connected space.

Interested in linking your NFT project to Utilify? Pre-register for alpha launch, slated for Q3 2021.

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