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Explore an advanced blockchain-powered civilization in an MMO of epic proportions.
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Wavelings is set in an alternate reality where rapid technologic adoption has cured the ills of climate change, energy deficiency, food scarcity, and biological disease—setting the scene for deep social commentary that explores the human condition and ill-fated ambition seeded within it.

The first thing you must do is choose which mega-corporation to align yourself with—a decision that will dictate who their friends and enemies are.

Even in a world with so many issues solved, humans have an uncanny ability to find strife.

In the world of Wavelings, you take on the role of a cybernetically-enhanced citizen connected to a vast digital realm filled with value. The actions you take and the value you create in this digital realm will impact your life not just in the game, but in the real world as well.

This socially evolved game aims to be inclusive of all people, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, and disabilities. These strong values have lead to innovations such as the game's non-conforming character picker and text/voice-based AI companion.

In Wavelings, your AI companion exists on the blockchain, which links it to the digital reality of the game and the plane of existence your physical body calls home. Your AI can be upgraded as you progress through the digital world, helping you to navigate its complex society and create value within the blockchain economy that governs it.

As a resident of this new world, you will have the chance to own resource-rich real estate and fuel the economy across a worldwide marketplace called GlobalX.

As a landowner, you will have lucrative opportunities to rent out advertising space to real-world companies and projects. Featuring billboards and holograms that are far more advanced than anything available in our archaic physical civilization, people will be lining up to do some next-gen advertising with you.

Innovative video-infused holograms with click-to-collect cryptocurrencies and NFTs are just a starting point for an online business proposition that is sure to delight hardcore gamers and savvy investors alike.

With unique game mechanics like stress-indexes, nano-tech healing kits, jetpacks, hoverboards, and robot fighting arenas, this life-sized MMO is here to hit the reset button on the blockchain games market.  

Wavelings is ambitious experience that has been meticulously thought out on a macro and micro level, offering players an interesting look at the human condition and the chance to create value in a digital universe.

You have never played a game like this before, and there couldn't be a more perfect moment in history for it to arrive than now.

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