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Feast on the adrenaline of war in this highly-anticipated PvP buffet.
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The hype has been building around this intense PvP RPG, and now the legend of Zeal is ready to be immortalized on the blockchain.

Zeal has been making headlines for years, with excitement culminating in a closed alpha launch that garnered over 30,000 viewers on Twitch.

Drawing inspiration from World of Warcraft, the Zeal team set out to take the best parts of the legendary MMORPG's PvP game modes to a whole new level, mixing them with new, unique game mechanics and a style all their own.

Now nearing the later stages of development, Zeal has evolved into a truly visceral combat experience, offering game modes that will satisfy PvP and PvE fans alike.

For those seeking the competitive thrill of PvP, there are many options to choose from:

  • Arena Mode in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 varieties
  • Conquest Mode, which pits players against one another in an open-world map
  • Battlegrounds, which feature large-scale team battles of up to 10v10

Need a break from PvP or looking to embark on an adventure with friends? Zeal also offers co-op PvE in the form of challenging dungeons aimed at groups of 5 or less, as well as story campaigns that can be tackled solo or cooperatively.

Zeal will also launch with a social lobby and playground area where players can casually test out their spells and special moves on each other without doing permanent bodily harm—a great way to hone your skills before jumping into the competitive fray.

Forgoing traditional aspects of its genre, Zeal begins by logging in, picking your character—then jumping right into the action! Be it solo mode or with friends, Zeal provides MMORPG combat without the MMORPG grind.

In true Multiverse fashion, you can expect some of Zeal's most popular characters to be interoperable between Skymarch Entertainment's other titles, Crystals of Fate and The Galaxy of Lemuria.

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