Discover a universe of NFTs you can trade and collect

Find and trade everything from rare digital art and branded crypto-collectibles, to digital fashion and gaming items you can use in multiple worlds.

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Enjin Marketplace

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Find pioneering blockchain projects featuring scarce digital assets.


Use the Enjin Wallet to easily list and purchase gaming items and collectibles.

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Grow your inventory with rare and unique digital treasures.

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Tens of millions of Enjin Coin spent on digital assets.
Over a billion blockchain assets to discover and explore.
Over 3 million digital items traded via the marketplace.
Coming in 2023


Smart. Scalable. Adaptable.

A next-generation NFT marketplace built for the growing wave of forward-thinking creators, innovators, and traders.

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Play, explore, trade

Sell NFTs you earn or craft in blockchain games
and apps, and find the next viral collectible.

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