9Lives Arena

Compete in a permadeath-focused love letter to 1v1 fantasy PvP.

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Are you ready to take some lives?

Legend has it that Atlantis crumbled into the sea thousands of years ago, vanishing without a trace—but the story doesn't end there.

Using the power of magic, the last surviving tribe of ancient Atlanteans brought together warriors from across continents and epochs to battle in their arena.

A competitive arena built around practice, preparation, and permadeath.

A self-proclaimed "love letter to 1on1 fantasy PvP," 9Lives Arena is not your average RPG thanks to the high stakes of looming permadeath.

Upon entering the arena for the first time, your champion is blessed with—you guessed it—nine lives. Lose a battle, lose a life.

The fewer lives remaining, the higher the stakes become, marrying esports and RPGs in a competitive environment.

Upon losing your ninth battle in arena mode, your warrior dies forever and is immortalized as a statue recording their stats... and you must build up a new champion to surpass their legend.

"The way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death."

Choose your hero from different warrior bloodlines to suit your personal playstyle and take advantage of unique skills: Viking, Barbarian, Samurai, Gladiator, or Ancient Atlantean await your command.

With deep customization options, from appearance and equipment to spells, skills, and abilities, your chosen champion will truly represent you in battle.

Each time you emerge victorious, you'll earn rewards, with particularly rare or powerful blueprints and materials affording you the chance to craft exclusive weaponry. Other players may then seek out your wares (if they have coin), allowing you to earn a return for your expertise.

You're never alone in your quest: as you train, spar, and study, a loyal companion called Ooogy will help you gather resources and craft powerful gear from a combination of blueprints and materials, as you work to become the most formidable warrior possible.

Now, prepare to take some lives.

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