Create, build, and trade in Sky City, the central hub of the AlterVerse.

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Welcome to the AlterVerse: a futuristic, free-to-play, play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse gaming experience.

Under development for several years, now built using Unreal Engine 5, AlterVerse players can buy land, shop, socialize, gather resources, craft non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and play-to-earn in many ways.

As the story goes: when astrophysicist Dr. Ally Puckmere accidentally created a mysterious wormhole, he and his team decided to build a high-powered spacecraft to travel through it. To their amazement, what they discovered was quite incredible: an alternate universe with habitable planets, which they named AlterVerse.

The first Sky City was built on a planet called Aureus, where the early pioneers decided to make their home. But because the atmosphere was too heavy on the planet’s surface to easily breath, towering platforms (called "HaloSpheres2) were built high in the sky.

Consisting of 17 of these massive HaloSpheres, Sky City has grown into a sprawling metropolis.

Players can explore the bustling city life, fly around in Sky Cars, attend LIVE events, or relax in their penthouse—all while experiencing full day/night cycles, weather transitions, fully customizable male and female avatars, and built-in voice chat.

Many HaloSpheres feature plots of land where players can build homes and businesses, while some have rugged, dangerous forest biomes for gathering resources for crafting materials and furnishings. By selling items they've crafted, players can earn $ACE tokens, used to buy in-game NFTs and supplies.

Sky City offers many attractions, including:

  • EpiCenter central hub, filled with shops, skyscrapers, event halls and more
  • Modern homes, luxury apartments, and high-rise condos
  • Club Sky City, where you can dance the night away
  • Stadium for live battles, sports, concerts and other events
  • Marina and Yacht Club
  • Renowned NFT Art Gallery
  • Arnold’s Diner (50’s style restaurant) to grab a bite to eat
  • Jet-powered Sky Cars for flying from HaloSphere to HaloSphere
  • Speedy hover vehicles, hop in and drive around the track
  • Challenges, quests, and mini-games galore

The game is currently in closed access, preparing for token launch and public beta launch in 2022.

In support of its ambitious plans, the AlterVerse team has quickly expanded to 20+ members, and is proudly incubated by Altcoin Buzz Labs.

AlterVerse aims to be an open, interconnected, and decentralized metaverse experience, with collaborations and partnerships across NFT games, blockchains, crypto platforms, retail and ecommerce brands, DAOs, NFT artists, and more.

Ready to dive in? Experience the AlterVerse, a breathtaking, expansive metaverse.

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