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Enjoy an endless run through the gamified cryptocurrency world.

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Imagine if Flappy Bird responded to real-world events in real time.

An unabashed celebration of the memes, history, and humor of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Hodler delights both blockchain evangelists and casual gamers looking for a challenging yet entertaining mobile gameplay experience constantly reshaped by real-world data.

Navigate the charts and accumulate crypto in challenging side-scrolling gameplay, then fly to the moon in a top-down racing style game once you've HODLed long enough to enter FOMO mode.

In this spiritual successor to Flappy Bird, your mission is to increase your in-game cryptocurrency value by gathering points known as "Bits" en route to beating your previous all-time high.

However, challenges abound, and the market can be dark and full of terrors.

Bitcoin Hodler's gameplay is rich and varied, with an interactive environment that changes based on live crypto market data. Each time you acquire a certain cryptocurrency, your current holdings will increase or decrease based on its real-world 24h price performance.

In other words, real-world data directly effects your in-game experience in a different way every day.

If the crypto market is in the green, progression is easy. If there's a flood of red, reaching the moon will require your full skill, guile, and resource-management.

Every tap of your screen makes your character hop and earns you additional Bits. As you HODL across multiple levels and market cycles, the environment will become trickier and quicker, making it increasingly difficult to dodge incoming forks, bad news, and taxes.

Unlock new coins and tokens to HODL when you make contact with them for the first time, exposing you to more of the thrill—and volatility—of the cryptocurrency world.

Because risk management is important in crypto, Bitcoin Hodler allows you to protect yourself from sudden market moves or finger slips. Consolidate your earnings in case of a crash, hostile hardfork, or tax bill by occasionally "cashing out" your Bits to keep them safe, and stake them at the beginning of your next run to help you reach the moon faster.

Keep calm, HODL on, and we'll see you on the moon.

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