Grasshopper Farm

Farm collectible grasshoppers to battle, trade, produce, and raid.

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Grasshopper Farms, LLC
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Some games are born in the pristine boardrooms of monolithic multinational corporations, as suits engage in trend analysis, data-mining, and relentless box-checking to come up with a product designed by committee—dazzling, shiny, and comfortably predictable.

And then there are the games that grow organically out of a community inside joke.

Grasshopper Farm is just such a project—a text-based Telegram game inspired by the Enjin community.

That's right, the game runs on your favorite messaging app. By interacting with a Telegram bot, you can earn quirky, blockchain-based grasshoppers, send them out on missions, and battle your opponents.

The world of the Hoppers proves that you don't need sparkling AAA graphics or a dense, novel-length narrative to build an enthusiastic community.

With visuals limited to whimsically edited grasshopper images wearing accessories according to their roles, this isn't a game about visual flair; it's about fun—and there's plenty of fun to be had on the Farm.

In order to expand your farm and shoot up the leaderboards, you'll need to recruit new Hoppers, develop and upgrade your buildings, and battle opponents. You can send Hoppers out on missions to earn rewards and progress your farm quicker, and even join other farmers in Swarms to complete group quests (and even cross-game Multiverse quests in the future).

You can train your hoppers to take on tougher missions and battles, with rewards influenced by their Combat Power. Diligent training can even bring rewards in the form of upgradeable weapons, allowing you to increase the power of your accessories which you can trade with other players.  

What roles might the grasshoppers play (and be appropriately attired for), you ask? They can be mercenaries, doctors, spearmen, mayors, generals, farmers, market watchers, babies—just about any role required for the flourishing of a functional grasshopper society.

One old Hopper even serves as the "founders token" for the game, allowing its holders to earn in-game benefits like improved resource generation and reduced cool down times.

Hoppers are highly collectible, and a brisk trade in Hoppers has allowed the game's developer to benefit from a long-tail monetization of the project.

Being built on fun before graphical polish also allows for frequent content updates and collaborations with other games.

Despite being created and deployed in a way that's far from conventional, Grasshopper Farm proves that a good idea paired with fun experience can get your community jumping for joy.

Hop over and start farming.

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