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For many of us, the vehicle of our dreams is seemingly out of reach.

Enter MotoBloq, a platform that aims to make buying your dream car a reality.

With one-of-a-kind vehicles created as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the platform gives users, designers, and manufacturers the opportunity to create, collect, trade, and experience the next generation of car collectibles in augmented reality (AR).

“You know how you grow up with the Lamborghini or McLaren F1 poster on your wall, and as a kid you’re like, ‘I'll own that one day,’ but realistically, only a handful of people do? We wanted to replicate that experience and give it that same validity, accessibility, and sense of ownership.”

MotoBloq NFTs are more than just your average car collectibles—they unlock unique, exclusive experiences for their owners in the real world and in the virtual Motoverse alike:

  • Digital: NFTs come with high-quality 3D car models and animations that can be showcased in AR, so you can park your Bugatti in your driveway or right on your kitchen table. All MotoBloq cars can be traded on the marketplace, and in the future will be usable across multiple metaverses, select video games, and serve as keys to access the "Motoverse" for exclusive automotive events.
  • Physical: MotoBloq NFTs will serve as a passport to exclusive activities like meetups, charity events, and even supercar unveilings. To make this possible, MotoBloq is teaming up with automotive companies and organizations to give NFT owners access to events specific to their car's brand and model. Certain MotoBloq cars will allow tours of select design houses, manufacturers, and even race admission.

MotoBloq is working directly with brands and car designers to curate releases of popular, unique vehicles.

All NFT cars are created on the blockchain, with transparent ownership and verifiable rarity, and are rooted in real-world metrics. For example, production quantities are percentages of the physical car's production number. This grounds MotoBloq's cars attributes, and makes releases more accessible to any NFT collector or petrolhead.

With the aim to to provide a premium user experience and a universal, interoperable product, the MotoBloq team has chosen Enjin and Efinity to build an accessible on-ramp to automotive NFTs for anyone, regardless of their technical background.

"Efinity allows for Web 2 usability while providing Web 3 value. It will give MotoBloq's users the freedom to truly own and control their collections, while laying the foundation for the future utility often overlooked in today's hype."
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