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MyMetaverse is a game development company that specialises in building creator-led metaverses with play-and-earn mechanics.

MyMetaverse’s vision is to integrate creator economies into their games so artists, musicians, and video producers can create content and attach them to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Players that own those NFTs are able to enjoy the content in the games, and they also have added in-game utility, where the NFTs actually provide buffs to the land plots they are showcased on.

MyMetaverse is currently building five NFT games, including:

  • Infinity Realms - A 3D MMORPG where players can create communities of Meta characters that farm, mine, fight, and breed.
  • Survival Infinity - A Minecraft network that fuses the most popular Minecraft game modes like Survival and Arenas with powerful NFT mechanics.
  • Infinity Auto - A Grand Theft Auto 5 missions server where players can create their own stories and build NFT characters.
  • Governors Paradise - An exclusive Minecraft network that can only be accessed by the Governors of Infinity

The team is very serious about building a creator-led experience. To that end, they have a Governance NFT called “Governors of Infinity”, which gives creators unprecedented control over MyMetaverse’s game design, development, in-game advertising, and more.

MyMetaverse has experimented with NFTs more than nearly any other project, with NFTs that represent:

  • Player identities / evolving player profiles
  • Community and platform governance
  • Real estate
  • Art, music, and video content
  • Companions and pets
  • Vehicles and mounts
  • Equipment, weapons, and consumables

As the team keeps pushing through their roadmap, their aim is to provide immersive metaverse experiences that weave through multiple games, where players can follow quests through various game worlds and take their items with them everywhere they go.

In an innovative stroke of eco-consciousness, MyMetaverse has created their economy around the concept of removing carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere. When you are participating in these in-game economies, you are actually saving the real world, one kilogram of carbon at a time.

Explore an ever-expanding metaverse tailored to both players and creators alike. Change the world(s)—both digital and physical—for the better, while participating in a truly valuable creator economy.

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