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"Fashion should waste nothing but data and exploit nothing but the imagination."

— The Fabricant

In an increasingly digital world, industries centered around material goods have been forced to adapt—particularly in the midst of a global pandemic.

Digital fashion is growing in interest and impact, and The Fabricant is at the forefront.

Pioneering Digital-Only Fashion

Operating at the intersection of high fashion and bleeding-edge technology, The Fabricant is here to show the world that clothing does not need to be physical to exist.

Offering garments that exist exclusively in the digital realm, the forward-thinking team has worked on a variety of meaningful initiatives with names like Karlie Kloss + Adidas, Puma, and Tommy Hilfiger.

The Fabricant is not only pushing the boundaries of fashion with mind-bending visions of digital couture—they're doing so with a positive impact on the world. According to a sustainability report by The Imperial College of London, the digital fashion model generates the biggest reduction in environmental impact of any other fashion model in the world.

In the blockchain space, they are recognized for creating the world’s first digital-only, blockchain-based dress, ‘Iridescence,’ which sold for $9,500 at auction.

But how can you wear garments that are only digital?

Self-expression is one of the most important aspects of online identities.

The advent of blockchain-based digital fashion makes self-expression possible on an entirely new level, allowing The Fabricant's digital-only pieces to be worn, used, and traded across virtual realities.

Tokenizing digital items as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) gives them verifiable, unique identities.

Recorded on the immutable blockchain, the ownership, authenticity, and scarcity of these items can be proven—something that has not previously been possible with virtual goods.

These items can be worn across a variety of blockchain-powered virtual worlds, offering digital fashion collectors entirely new ways to interact with their collection—from mobile apps to augmented reality and video games.

The Atari Pluriform Collection

An icon of the modern-day gaming industry, Atari is no stranger to innovation. From the competitive thrills of Pong to the exhilaration of defending the planet in Space Invaders, the Atari brand has brought us unforgettable games and experiences.

Continuing to push boundaries in 2020 and beyond, Atari united with The Fabricant and Enjin to create the 'Pluriform' collection, a pioneering line of digital fashion NFTs.
Atari 'Pluriform' designs

The Pluriform collection represents the highest craftsmanship of digital art, combined with the utility of the most interactive virtual goods—style that can be worn throughout a variety of games and apps, offering self-expression across a metaverse of unique experiences.

"What better platform and audience to bring a broader range of self-expression than one where you can endlessly shift identities through gameplay?”

— Amber Jae Slooten, Co-Founder of The Fabricant

This includes the eBallR Games "MetaverseMe" app, where you can film and interact with your digital avatar in AR while wearing the Pluriform pieces, then post the content to social media.

MetaverseMe app preview

The Pluriform collection can also be used in a growing list of other platforms, including eBallR's Kick Off Evolution, The Six Dragons (PlayStation 5), MyMetaverse (Minecraft), and DressX's service that "digitally tailors" these assets onto real-life photos.

The items can also be traded on marketplaces throughout the blockchain ecosystem, including Enjin, OpenSea, and Rarible.

Brought together by Enjin's technology, The Fabricant, Atari, and Enjin adopters are working in tandem to offer unique, immersive experiences that benefit from self-expression through unique styles and wearables.

The Atari Pluriform Collection is just the beginning of this new, interconnected future, where blockchain, fashion, and gaming combine to create immersive, meaningful experiences that span digital realities.

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