Spirit Clash

Choose your virtue and conquer enemies in a spiritual play-to-earn CCG.

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Spirit Clash was born from a vision to allow players to use their gaming assets across multiple games in a true multiverse experience. Merging the concepts of a collectible card game (CCG) with the digital, the team has enlisted Enjin's blockchain tech stack to bring their gameplay vision to life.

Spirit Clash delivers a CCG experience with stunning hand-drawn and community-sourced art, deep lore, and a range of gameplay mechanics to reward virtually every player as they move up in the game.

The game is takes the CCG experience in a new direction, giving players more power, freedom, and opportunity than traditional collectible and trading card games.

The Six Virtues

Spirit Clash is set in the mystical land of Kartulos, pitting two battling kingdoms against each other. Each Kingdom is comprised of three nations that embody specific archetypes, having followed the teachings of a particular Virtue (such as Fury, Charm, and Zen) for millennia.

Merging CCGs with NFTs

You may remember Magic: The Gathering, a game that catalyzed the TCG genre nearly 30 years ago. MTG's first major evolution was going digital, when the game freed itself from the restrictions of the physical format.

Games like Spirit Clash are taking the digital CCG genre a major leap forward, creating cards as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain.

Blockchain-based assets merge the tangible value of the physical format with the convenience of the digital, in the growing expanse of the metaverse. This also prevents the unchecked creation of new assets that can cause hyperinflation in digital economies.

Unlike the old-school digital card games, Spirit Clash is building a play-to-earn economy and giving you ownership of your cards and game assets.

So instead of just accessing them from a server, you own them outright as they sit securely in your digital wallet. This also means you can trade them, sell them, or even destroy them to recover their actual value in ENJ (or deliberately reduce the circulating supply of certain cards).

Spirit Clash is also shaking things up on the frontlines. Gone are the days of attacking hero characters and limited action types while growing mana pools. Instead, the two Kingdoms battle to gain control of the 3 Cores in the middle of the game field, representing the powers of Mind, Body, and Soul.

First, you pick an overlord and a totem to influence your deckbuilding flavor, then you enter a clashing battle against enemy followers. The fun really begins as you start utilizing relics and casting hexes on enemies, all steps toward realizing the goal of controlling the Cores to victory.

Taking advantage of the gas-free JumpNet blockchain, Spirit Clash minted eco-friendly NFTs of its cards—with plans to also use the network for its ERC-20 tokens, which can be staked and earned.

With opportunities to capitalize on your dedicated play-time and influence the game's future, there's no better time than now to awake your senses and enter the spiritual world of play-to-earn NFT gaming through Spirit Clash.

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