VRJam: Virtual Reality Metaverse Entertainment Platform Joins Efinity

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The Story

VRJAM allows users to create an avatar and party with their friends in a virtual environment! Speak to a gathering, play music (via instruments or DJing), or put on any kind of performance you like to the avatars of your friends and fans.

This event is then saved as an NFT, able to be watched back for the owner, the only person who has access.

How are you going to utilize NFTs and bring value to users?

VRJAM is taking NFT tech one step further by combining digital humans, virtual events and NFTs. It works like this:

  • An artist presents a virtual live event using a hyper-real avatar. After the event is complete, VRJAM’s technology creates a rendering of the event which is stored on the VRJAM platform.
  • The platform then ‘plays back’ the event on demand. This allows the virtual event to be relived again in the future and experienced in VR.
  • To reactivate or play back these virtual live events, a unique NFT key is required. This NFT is created using VRJAM’s native crypto currency, VRJAM Coin, and can be bought and sold.
  • Only one NFT key can be generated per event, making them extremely rare. The NFT then empowers the owner to own the event itself and to replay it on demand. They can even invite their friends to join them inside it.

How does your platform tie into the Metaverse?

VRJAM’s metaverse platform offers solutions for true live performance using immersive technology that is years ahead of other platforms. It provides an unsurpassed user experience and offers fans, artists and labels an array of unique features:

  • A persistent, ‘always on’ virtual world with an array of live events happening every day
  • A platform for the creation and rendering of revolutionary new types of NFTs
  • A space for direct-to-fan engagement and the creation of fan experience events, from DJ lessons to private gigs
  • Powered by a native in-game cryptocurrency called ‘VRJAM Coin’
  • A digital solution to empower music venues to exist in digital space and monetize their IP in new ways
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Why did you choose Enjin and Efinity?

Enjin's groundbreaking technology has enabled VRJAM to accelerate user experience in the metaverse like never before. Enjin's next-level tech offers exciting, revolutionary possibilities for music artists and content creators to transform how they reach audiences.

Welcome to the future, powered by Enjin and VRJAM will be using NFT.io.

Anything else you’d like to add?

VRJAM also includes VRLife, a charitable fund to combat the climate crisis. 10% of the net value and revenues generated by the VRJAM platform and the VRJAM Coin cryptocurrency will be used to finance the activity of a charitable organization made up of VRJAM community members who jointly determine how these funds are deployed. Blockchain smart contracts will be utilized to maintain transparency and accountability.

About VRJam

A real-time platform for virtual concerts & immersive content creation.

VRJAM empowers creators and brands to effortlessly create inspiring immersive experiences that redefine fan engagement by making content beautiful, interactive and immersive.  

The VRJAM platform offers a next-generation solution for live shows in the metaverse and offers exciting new opportunities for monetization using web 3.0 tech powered by blockchain.

Roadmap / Plans

You can find the full roadmap here.

Please outline key milestones on your roadmap (such as Efinity integration):

  • First NFT project going to market in May 2022
  • Performing at press preview event - allow users to experience the platform in VR
  • NFT: rendering of a house DJ 3D avatar as a webgl file
  • Weekly drops on NFT.io
  • Closed beta (soft launch) in July 2022 for invited users
  • VRJam Coin Launch in September 2022
  • Full platform launch in October 2022
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