Supercharge Your Marketing

Rapidly expand and engage your audience with NFTs embedded within QR codes.

Distributed Rewards

Hundreds of thousands of non-fungible tokens sent with Beam.

Beam Campaigns

Over 1,000 successful Early Access marketing campaigns powered by Beam.

Campaign Participants

Thousands of people across the world received NFTs via Beam.

Endless Opportunities for Everyone

Engage fans, convert customers, and create thriving gaming communities.
"We’re able to offer a rewarding token distribution and acquisition experience for Azure Heroes that end-users can participate in, while enjoying all the benefits of blockchain without the added complexity."
Sherry List
Azure Developer Engagement Lead, Microsoft
"Beam allowed me to instantly send a blockchain item to new audiences, who were then able to immediately use it in Lost Relics."
Cliff Cawley
Director, Codebit Labs
"We wanted to give some special in-game items to our booth visitors at GDC 2019. Beam helped us to distribute rewards both on the spot, and online to our community members."
Cindy Gomez
President, Touchhour Inc.
"We received 34.5x more signups for our newsletter, our Telegram community has tripled in size, and our website received 10x more hits."
George Tsagkarakis
"Our community organically grew nearly 300% within hours. We will be using this service as often as possible!"
Michel Chamoun
Co-Founder, Hymedall

How It Works

Create and distribute Beams in three simple steps.

Start a Beam Campaign

Use Beam's visual interface to select options for your QR code, such as the quantity and type of rewards.

You can also choose to attach a hidden code to each asset, which can be revealed only once.


Post Anywhere, Anytime

Publish your QR code anywhere from social media networks, websites, and videos to flyers, presentations, and within apps or games—literally on any visually accessible medium.


Scan & Receive

Your audience scans the published QR code with the Enjin Wallet app and seamlessly receives their digital rewards.

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Send Any NFT

Tailor rewards to match your target
audience and marketing objectives.
Gaming Assets

Build a loyal player base by giving away free in-game items before and after launch.

Virtual Swag

Distribute digital swag to grow and galvanize your online following.

Reveal Codes

Send exclusive codes for early access, discounts, VIP tickets, gift cards, and more.

Branded Collectibles

Take your community engagement efforts to a new level by distributing branded digital collectibles.

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