ERC-1155: The Multi Token Standard

Mint an infinite number of both fungible and non-fungible
tokens in a single deployed smart-contract.

Create Next-Generation
Blockchain Assets

ERC-1155 is the only token standard that enables you to create every type of asset, from currency and real estate to digital art and gaming items.
Multiple Tokens

Define and configure both fungible and non-fungible tokens in a single smart contract.

Save Gas

Cut gas fees by up to 90% when
minting new tokens.

Advanced Features

Enable owners to use, trade, destroy, upgrade, combine, rent, loan, and lose their NFTs.

Atomic Swaps

Enable atomic swaps of any amount of tokens in just two simple steps.


ERC-1155 is used by a growing number of games and projects in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Batch Transfers

Send multiple tokens in a single transaction.

View sample implementation here.

ERC-1155: The Final Token
Standard on Ethereum

Exactly one year after its introduction, ERC-1155 has become an official Ethereum token standard and is available to be used by the entire Ethereum development community.

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The Standard
You've Waited For

Harness the power of ERC-1155 to transform a wide range of industries, from entertainment and finance to industrial design and artificial intelligence.
View standard interface discussion here.