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March 8, 2024

Introducing Exclusive NFT.io Drops: Ft. The Etherscape and Bad Bears

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Introducing Exclusive NFT.io Drops: Ft. The Etherscape and Bad Bears
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Gain first access to powerful gaming NFTs with Exclusive NFT.io Drops

In a world weary of million-dollar NFT drops that leave collectors disappointed, the Enjin Ecosystem is thrilled to announce an innovation that bridges Web3 and Web2 values.

For 6 years the Enjin Ecosystem has been fighting for the mainstream adoption of Web3 gaming. With time and momentum, Enjin community members have now begun forming business models and pricing structures that align with the wider games market.

Introducing Exclusive NFT.io Drops — a unique opportunity that offers NFT collectors and gamers prime access to top-tier NFTs from trusted game developers.

‍What Makes Exclusive NFT.io Drops So Special?

Exclusive NFT.io Drops are not like other NFT launches.

They are meticulously curated experiences, ensuring that only the best and most engaging games are part of this initiative.

On this note, a number of collector protections have been put in place:

  1. Quality Assurance: Only games in closed-alpha stages or beyond can participate, ensuring a playable and immersive experience from the start.
  2. Immediate Utility: Every NFT drop provides immediate and full utility within its game, enhancing your gameplay from the moment of acquisition.
  3. Exclusivity and Rarity: A maximum supply limit of 1,000 per drop guarantees the rarity and historical significance of each NFT within its game’s ecosystem.
  4. Fair Pricing: With a maximum sale price of 30 ENJ, these drops are designed to leave room for NFT price and volume discovery. Without the premium barrier to entry, high-end gaming assets become accessible to all gamers. In fact, they are priced like normal mainstream game items. Instead of the items them being in infinite supply, fleeting, and constrained within a game server, these drops are exceptionally rare, immutable, and tradable on Enjin Blockchain.

A Win-Win for Collectors and Developers

Many game developers have been eager to join the Enjin Ecosystem to participate in these Exclusive NFT.io Drops.

This initiative is a testament to the Enjin Ecosystem’s commitment to removing buyer's remorse associated with unvetted and overpriced NFT sales. These methods foster a healthier community where collectors and gamers can thrive alongside game developers.

The First Drop: The Etherscape and Bad Bears Multiverse Collaboration

Knowing Enjin, the first Exclusive NFT.io Drop is destined to have a multiverse twist to it.

Kick starting this initiative is a groundbreaking brand integration between two Enjin ecosystem players - the Bad Bears NFT, by renowned Enjin community creator ScottieTash and The Etherscape, an Enjin Blockchain-powered game.

This collaboration offers you a unique NFT that not only elevates your gaming experience in Etherscape but does so with tangible benefits that impact your gameplay immediately:

The Barbarian from the Bad Bears Collection, on NFT.io

Holding the Barbarian NFT in your Enjin Wallet while connecting to The Etherscape, unleashes an exclusive in-game class: The Barbarian.

This powerful new player class unlocks an exciting set of abilities and skills:

  • Volatile: Amplify your reflective damage, turning the tides of battle in your favor.
  • Stone Skin: Enhance your survival with increased armor.
  • Blood Rage: Transform your reflective damage into Area of Effect (AoE) damage, decimating groups of enemies.
  • Leap: Introduce a new dimension to your mobility, allowing you to jump over obstacles and cause AOE damage upon landing.

The Etherscape pushes its game development boundaries with the Leap skill.

For the first time ever, players can jump over fixed-objects and moving enemies, allowing you to get into the center and break the hearts of your foes.

Introducing Exclusive NFT.io Drops: Ft. The Etherscape and Bad Bears
Join Etherscape's Discord to access the first Exclusive NFT.io Drop
Gain access to a new player class and support the Etherscape and Bad Bears communities.
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Mark Your Calendars!

Prepare to dive into a world where your gaming prowess is matched by the quality and utility of your NFTs. The first Exclusive NFT.io Drop goes live on Saturday, the 9th of March at 1 pm EST at https://go.nft.io/EtherscapeXBadBears.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of NFT.io history and reap the benefits by elevating your Etherscape Arena experience and maximizing your ability to play-to-mint Etherscape NFTs.

Utilizing this NFT in Etherscape is not just fun; it's a strategic advantage in your quest for Enjin Blockchain NFTs.

Be ready to leap, damage, and conquer with Exclusive NFT.io Drops, where every game is an adventure and every NFT is a treasure.

Join The Etherscape Discord server for more information.

Join the Enjin Ecosystem Today

The Enjin Ecosystem is not just about playing games; it's about redefining them.

With Exclusive NFT.io Drops, you are not just a player; you are a pioneer of this new digital frontier–a frontier that needs to be built up in a thoughtful, sustainable way.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to elevate your gaming experience with Exclusive NFT.io Drops, exclusive to the Enjin Ecosystem.

Join Etherscape's Discord to access the first Exclusive NFT.io Drop
Gain access to a new player class and support the Etherscape and Bad Bears communities.
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