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Enjin Coin (ENJ)

The NFT token

Enjin Coin is the native token of Enjin Blockchain, custom built for NFT transactions at the protocol level, supported by seamless NFT no code integration into games.

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What is Enjin Blockchain?

Fueled by ENJ, Enjin Blockchain is the world's first purpose-built blockchain for NFTs and other digital assets.

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Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Fuel for the Metaverse

The native token of Enjin Blockchain

NFT Functions

ENJ is integral for all Enjin Blockchain on-chain actions — ENJ is used for transferring, creating, minting, and trading NFTs.

Powering the Apps

ENJ is commonly used in Apps built on Enjin Blockchain to power various actions such as Enjin Beam QR code usage, NFT.io marketplace transactions, and more.

Minting & Melting

When NFTs are minted, ENJ is infused and stored within. The NFTs can then be melted back at anytime to release the Enjin Coin.

Validator Oversight

Enjin Blockchain participants — from collators and validators who help maintain it, to users that select and oversee validators — are rewarded with ENJ.


Every ENJ coin holder can submit and vote on governance proposals to help steer the future of Enjin Blockchain.

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