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Join Enjin's competitions to win NFTs, merch, and gas subsidies on Enjin Blockchain. All competitions are communicated and organized within Enjin's Discord server.

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To maintain transparency within the Enjin Ecosystem, you can submit questions that Enjin's core contributors will answer on a regular basis.

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ENJ holders have the opportunity to stake their tokens to help govern & 
secure the Enjin Blockchain, while earning up to 36.2% governance rewards in return.

Be Rewarded for Staking
  • Use your staked ENJ across the entire ecosystem.
  • Help secure the Enjin Blockchain.
  • Earn 36.2% rewards on your ENJ with a few clicks.
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You stake  5,000 ENJ
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Have fun and get creative! Use Enjin's creative assets to make your own content to share.

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