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Governance & Staking

Enjin Blockchain operates as a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain. Stake to elect validator nodes for block production and network governance.

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Use Enjin Wallet for seamless access to staking pools. Stake and withdraw with just a few clicks and nominate which validator nodes produce blocks by selecting your preferred pools.

How to Participate


Download the Enjin Wallet
Staking ENJ is done through Enjin Wallet, a feature-packed and easy to use mobile app.


Deposit ENJ into your wallet
Safely and securely store ENJ coin to your Enjin Wallet - a smart and safe crypto wallet.


Govern & Stake from your wallet
Join a nomination pool at the touch of a button & participate in governance.

Receive daily rewards.

Secure the network, stake now, and receive up to 36.2% in yearly governance rewards.

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