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August 17, 2023

AlterVerse AAA-Quality Game Creation Platform Teams Up with Enjin's Dynamic Ecosystem for Creative Synergy

AlterVerse AAA-Quality Game Creation Platform Teams Up with Enjin's Dynamic Ecosystem for Creative Synergy
Picture yourself stepping into any city or destination you've always dreamt of visiting. Now you can, all from the comfort of your own home.

Hey there, fellow adventurers of the digital realms! It's time to don your virtual gear and step into the exciting world of AlterVerse, where innovation meets imagination, and Enjin's blockchain prowess is the magic behind the scenes. I'm Tassio, your guide through this journey, and today, we're diving headfirst into the AlterVerse wonderland, where game creation takes a quantum leap into the future!

What is the AlterVerse team up to these days?

Picture this: a no-code game creation utopia where talented minds collaborate to craft next-gen Web3 games with the visual splendor of AAA-quality graphics. It's not just a dream—it's the AlterVerse. Crafted by the ingenious minds behind gaming giants like Activision, Blizzard, and CD Projekt Red, this team detected a gap in the Game Creator market that served a whopping 500 million monthly active players. And guess what? They answered the call with AlterVerse.

But what lies ahead in the partnership between AlterVerse and Enjin?

Brace yourselves, for a whirlwind of NFTs is about to sweep across the gaming cosmos. These aren't just any NFTs—they're multiverse NFTs that'll seamlessly transcend through a plethora of AlterVerse games and experiences. It's a whole new dimension of utility, and it's all poised to set the Enjin Blockchain ablaze with transaction excitement.

Now, hold onto your virtual seats, because we're about to unveil the coolest gem in Enjin's treasure trove: the discrete accounts feature. Imagine this—bringing Web2 players into the NFT fold without them even realizing they're receiving the hottest digital drops in town. It's like stealthily slipping a secret NFT potion into their gaming potion pouch. This user-friendly, non-custodial approach could very well be the bridge that leads the masses straight into the heart of the Enjin Ecosystem, with no friction attached!

Alterverse last playtest session!

We're about to pull back the curtain on AlterVerse's enchanting playground, Sky City. This wondrous land hosts over 20 unique game mechanics, from heart-pounding Combat to tranquil Gathering, and even heart-stopping Demolition Derby. Fancy a ride on a Flying Ship or a whirlwind race in futuristic cars? It's all here, folks!

Drop us a visit in the Enjin Office room!

The next Play Session this weekend will be the final one for a while as the AlterVerse team will be collating feedback and implementing it into the build, so they can ramp up the replayability of the game and take the experience to the next level.

Don’t forget to hop into AlterVerse this weekend (August 18 to August 21) to participate, as this Play Session will feature an Enjin-themed fiesta and giving out NFTs on Jumpnet as prizes! (Soon to be migrated to the Enjin Matrixchain 😉).

AlterVerse Download can be found here - https://www.alterverse.com/ in the download section.

And so, fellow adventurers, as we bid adieu to this enchanting journey, remember that AlterVerse and Enjin are a match made in digital heaven. A symphony of creativity, innovation, and blockchain prowess awaits, and the AlterVerse is your canvas to paint dreams, one pixel at a time. So, gear up, embrace the future of gaming, and let's conquer the multiverse, one NFT at a time! 🎮🌌

AlterVerse AAA-Quality Game Creation Platform Teams Up with Enjin's Dynamic Ecosystem for Creative Synergy
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