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December 10, 2020

Welcoming Atari and eBallR Games to the Enjin Ecosystem

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Welcoming Atari and eBallR Games to the Enjin Ecosystem
We are excited to announce a partnership with Atari to integrate their iconic IPs and licenses into Enjin-powered games, starting with eBallR Games portfolio.

Atari is synonymous with gaming and its history.

1982’s film Blade Runner predicted the brand going strong in 2019, and the 2017 sequel doubled down on such endurance with striking cinematics of skyscraper-sized Atari logos gracing 2049’s Los Angeles.

Yes, that's an excuse to re-watch Blade Runner 2049...

Back to 2020, and Atari is once again confirming its place in video game history through an understanding and commitment to the power of blockchain technology in gaming.

Today, we are excited to announce a partnership to integrate Atari’s iconic IPs and licenses into Enjin-powered video games.

Welcoming Atari to the Enjin Multiverse

Where does Atari’s confidence in blockchain as the future of gaming come from? Well, not in small part due to the array of talent and live projects being showcased in the Enjin ecosystem.

For over two years, game developers have been leveraging the power of the Ethereum blockchain through the powerhouse that is the Enjin Platform API.

Some, like Lost Relics, have been live for almost that long.

Enjin’s battle- and stress-tested tools allow game developers to do what they do best: build fantastic games.

‘Galaxy 11’ World Cup Concept by Emmanuel Shiu

Starting with the eBallR Games portfolio, we look forward to seeing the iconic Atari brand featured in these innovative games and projects Powered by Enjin.

Kicking Off with eBallR Games

Last month, Canadian studio Skymarch Entertainment brought decades of development across three games to the Enjin adopter community.

With eBallR Games, another skilled studio joins those ranks.

eBallR CEO Martyn Hughes leads a veteran industry team that includes Mark Greenshields, the Founder & CEO of Firebrand Games.

Such teams committing entire portfolios to game development with blockchain is a testament to the confidence that Enjin’s platform and technology instills.

Beginning in 2021, eBallR Games will be launching a sports multiverse, a series of games linked by shared blockchain assets and collectibles.

Reviving the legendary Kick Off! football game franchise, the studio's debut title ‘Kick Off Evolution’ can be expected in Q2 2021.

“Working with teams like EBallR Games and Enjin to give users more utility on what they own in the virtual space via NFTs is only the beginning. Together, we are ushering in a new era of NFTs, unlocking more utility by allowing owners to use them across projects.

This collaboration will mark the first phase of our plans with Enjin to leverage our expertises, as well as Atari’s library of games with proven track records of success with the blockchain, and empower developers all around the world.”

- Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari

Blockchain assets have proven scarcity, authenticity, provenance, and immutability.

That latter aspect becomes meaningful when game items have value that endures throughout time.

Kick Off Evolution - coming Q2 2021

Together, Atari and eBallR Games are creating virtual goods that will once again make gaming history and start a new chapter for the industry, while reflecting on its lauded past.

So grab your sports bag (hint: it’s your Enjin Wallet), tie up your virtual shoe laces, kit up, and prepare to Kick Off!

Welcoming Atari and eBallR Games to the Enjin Ecosystem
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