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August 29, 2023

Community Spotlight: Fermus drops the beat with NFT.io and Beam

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Community Spotlight: Fermus drops the beat with NFT.io and Beam
Fermus turned his fire for creating music to producing NFTs on Enjin.

“My dream is to empower artists and developers by using NFTs to break free from traditional middleman models. I aspire to inspire others to embrace ownership and control over their digital creations.”

Tune in and listen to:
Along the metaverse"

Daniel Ferm, popularly known as “Fermus” throughout the Enjin community, is a mechanical engineer by trade and a music composer by heart. His music-NFT collection Fermus Basic Tunes on NFT.io (Enjin’s NFT marketplace) has electro-tracks that are sure to get you dancing.

When technology and music intertwine

Fermus has been immersed in technology and music for over 25 years. Since discovering a music program called FastTracker2 on a school computer, he’s been hooked on creating music.

“I remember borrowing a floppy and copying it (the music sequencer program) to my mother’s 386 (an early desktop computer) which ended up with me skipping school for weeks by manipulating sounds and trying to make songs,” the Swedish father of 3 vividly recalled.

By the early 2000s, Fermus had made a name for himself by winning in music competitions and getting requests for cractros and demoscene.

Fermus, coming in 2nd place at a synthpop composition contest.

As the internet and technology progressed, he stumbled across the blockchain industry and Enjin. 

Discovering the world of Enjin

As Disney-like as it may sound, Fermus encountered Enjin at a turning point in his life. Having gone through the previous crypto bear market cycle of 2018-2019, his relationship with the crypto industry was starting from scratch.

During this time, Daniel came across Witek Radomski (Enjin’s Chief Technology Officer) and the latter’s ideas on X (then called Twitter). “The concept of owning a piece of someone else's digital creation was intense, and my brain wandered away with ideas,” he remembered.

#meltismurder - Fermus’ first ever ERC-1155 token on EnjinX (NFT.io’s predecessor)

For the first time in a long time, Fermus’ soul tingled. Enjin had ignited feelings similar to when he had first joined the demoscene or when he produced his first modtune - a song made of very low manipulated computer sounds.

“Receiving my first ERC-1155 token gave me the same rush of excitement I felt when sharing my first song on IRC chat back in '98.”

Like many of his contemporaries, the discovery of this innovative technology propelled Fermus deeper into Enjin through the platform's various games. “I started my Enjin journey by collecting NFTs through all the beta games like Age of Rust, Alterverse, The Six Dragons and more,” the mechanical engineer narrated.

Six Dragons - an open world dungeon game powered by Enjin

From creations to NFTs

While the Enjin game multiverse captured his attention, his passion for music continued to burn strongly. From the second Daniel received his first ERC-1155 token, an idea sparked in his mind that he could turn his music creations into NFTs.

“Enjin's introduction gave me my understanding of digital ownership, adding deep depth to my perspective on blockchain technology.”

On the internet, anyone could copy and distribute a file without obtaining the right owner’s consent. NFTs could address this through provenance or the work’s record of ownership. Anyone could easily trace the NFT back to its original owner.

NFT.io item activity from Fermus Game Promos

Alongside the concept of digital ownership, Enjin and its suite of tools empowered Fermus in his music creations. “The user-friendly minting process on NFT.io and the seamless Beams feature have significantly enriched my Enjin experience…,” he commented.

Through Beams, a new and seamless way to distribute his work also emerged.

Fermus, distributing Blobby's Dancefloor for free via Beam QR code, on X.

The Beams could be posted immediately on social platforms such as X, Telegram, and Facebook, allowing for mass dissemination. In turn, anyone with a default QR scanner and the Enjin mobile application could receive the NFT in seconds. 

Note that If one scans the QR code without having the Enjin application installed, the user will be prompted to download the app. Creating an account on Enjin takes mere seconds as it only requires the user to generate a password.

One of Fermus’ work which reached over 3,000 holders through Beam distribution on X

With NFT.io, Fermus controlled the ultimate production of his work, allowing him to dedicate sufficient time for each creation.  “I've minted and Beamed some test NFTs of some of my old tunes, but I like creating purposeful NFTs over quantity,” he said. 

The platform also allowed for more imaginative methods in releasing his music NFTs.

Scriptkiddy on auction at NFT.io

Fermus’ planned the distribution of his latest work - Scriptkiddy via a limited auction. Only 10 pieces were to be released, with 9 of them carefully auctioned out. In his first auction, the original bid started at 10 EFI, and the winning sale came 5 days later at 36 EFI.

A peek into the future

Despite his creations reaching the hands of thousands in the Enjin community, Fermus remained humble in his creator journey.

“While I haven't achieved a release I'm immensely proud of yet, I'm pleased that my test release of my old tunes on NFT.io garnered bids, signifying at least a little bit of progress,” he modestly claimed.

He also considered future publications, whether to utilize ENJ Beam Club (a community driven Telegram group for Beam enthusiasts), or to produce another set of the immensely popular Blobby's Dancefloor.

Tune in and listen to:
"Blobbys Dancefloor"
Blobby is Enjin's mascot!

As for his advice to up and coming creators, “Approach NFT creation thoughtfully; prioritize quality over quantity. Study, plan, and craft meaningful NFTs that resonate with both you and your audience.”

Community Spotlight: Fermus drops the beat with NFT.io and Beam
Community Spotlight
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