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September 30, 2021

Dungeon Universe: Blockchain MMORPG Built with Enjin

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Dungeon Universe: Blockchain MMORPG Built with Enjin
Meet our newest adopter, Dungeon Universe, an innovative MMORPG empowering players with NFTs.

We are excited to share that Dungeon Universe is coming to Enjin as the newest member of our Adopter Program!

A team of long-time gamers and driven devs, Dungeon Universe aims to connect traditional MMORPGs seamlessly with blockchain tech, starting with its own JumpNet integration and eco-friendly non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Dungeon Universe Alpha is planned for Q4 2021, exclusively for early supporters. Beta testing and the official release will follow in 2022.

"Traditional games are based on centralized system which doesn't allow players to actually own their equipment, emotes, skins. Our goal is to change that and bring the blockchain to the masses."

— Gregor,  Founder of Dungeon Universe

Like Dungeon Universe, we believe blockchain gaming is a disruptive market.

Decentralized blockchain games stand out from traditional titles thanks to their metaverse economy, where the traditional cash economy and digital in-game economy meet, paving the way for user-generated value and true asset ownership.

A completely free-to-play game, Dungeon Universe is building a play-to-earn economy, allowing players to claim NFT loot which they can sell, trade, and use in-game.

With traditional games, players spend hundreds of hours in-game, investing their time and  money on items like in-game skins, which are worth nothing once the game ends. By offering scarce NFTs backed by real-world value, Dungeon Universe rewards players for the hours spent in their virtual world.

Scarcity is a key factor in Dungeon Universe's game economy, with supply secured and verified by the blockchain.

"Imagine being the world's first to complete the hard dungeon and getting the limited 1/1 edition sword."

As you begin your journey into the world of Arania, the opportunity to build a valuable token collection is limitless. The land of frightful, dangerous beasts will offer NFTs in the form of weapons and armor, emotes, pets, skins, custom housing, and more.

From fiery battles with dangerous monsters and solo adventures, to team quests, enchanting weapons, and constructing your own mini-cities, Dungeon Universe will offer captivating content to suit everyone's tastes, with rewards to be earned along each quest and activity.

The Dungeon Universe team has chosen to build with Enjin thanks to our plug-and-play tech, scalable networks like JumpNet and Efinity,and advanced features that take the complication out of integration.

"There is no tool/service out there that would allow the developers to integrate blockchain technology into their game with such ease. People will be amazed by what Enjin will bring to NFTs in the gaming industry, especially with Efinity."

To stay up to date on Dungeon Universe, you can join their community on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Dungeon Universe: Blockchain MMORPG Built with Enjin
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