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February 9, 2024

World of Bezogia celebrates 1st NFT mint on Enjin Blockchain with World-Building Tournament

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World of Bezogia celebrates 1st NFT mint on Enjin Blockchain with World-Building Tournament
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Take part in this first-of-a-kind world-building contest

World of Bezogia, developed by Zogilabs, entered the Enjin ecosystem last December 2023.

In less than two months, this world-building MMO is fulfilling its promise by minting its first NFT on the Enjin Blockchain.

The exclusive NFTs, known as The Thunderbolt (now available on NFT.io), serve as the Bezogi's powerful weapons. Equipped with these extraordinary weapons, the charming and lovable inhabitants of Bezogia transform into formidable characters.

With a Thunderbolt, you too can potentially reign supreme over your adversaries.

Thunderbolt NFTs on NFT.io

To commemorate the launch of its first Enjin NFT collection, World of Bezogia is hosting a User-Generated Content tournament called “The Builders Tournament.”

Only a select few will be deemed worthy of receiving the highest class of Thunderbolts.

User-Generated Content lies at the heart of the game’s experience. Drawing inspiration from popular titles like Roblox and Fortnite, World of Bezogia takes user-generated content to the next level by providing a seamless and accessible experience for everyone.

With the game's powerful creator toolkit, anyone can easily drag and drop 3D models and create maps. No coding skills required.

Enjin community members will have the opportunity to experience this powerful toolkit and become world-builders.

The Builders Tournament is not just a competition. It is a bold vision of the future of gaming, where limits are shattered and fresh opportunities are unleashed.

Prepare yourself and bear witness to the birth of a gaming revolution.

Launching the Thunderbolt onto Enjin Blockchain

World of Bezogia proudly offers three exciting gameplay modes: Open world, Player vs Player (PvP), and First Person Shooter. In the immersive MMORPG and intense PvP modes, the Thunderbolt will serve as a formidable weapon, ensuring that your Bezogi becomes a force to be reckoned with.

The Thunderbolt exudes exclusivity, as only a limited edition of 1,000 will ever be created. Players will find these weapons irresistible.

The NFTs are available in four rarities—Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

As the class increases, so do the item's stats and effects, allowing for a more impactful gameplay.

Players have the opportunity to strategically personalize their arsenal, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Stagger refers to the increased likelihood of incapacitating an enemy through a potent and forceful strike.

For the Rare and Common varieties, there are abundant opportunities that eagerly await players who actively participate in community events, engage in Discord contests, and attend thrilling game nights.

Players and collectors should be on the lookout for these chances to claim the NFTs.

These events highlight the dynamic nature of the community, ensuring that these NFTs are awarded to the most active community members, showcasing the vibrant spirit of the player base.

On the other hand, the highest-tiers of Thunderbolts target a different facet of the community.

The Builders Tournament

Epic and Legendaries categories are reserved for the elite who emerge victorious in tournaments, claiming these rare items as grand prizes.

The path to obtain these top-tier NFTs is an electrifying one, defined by fierce competition, strong camaraderie, and the exhilarating thrill of being among the chosen few to possess these unparalleled in-game assets.

As you embark on your World of Bezogia adventure, seize these opportunities and etch your name in the limited history of these digital artifacts.

Powered by Enjin, World of Bezogia is introducing in-game assets for the Enjin community. Players are invited to use these assets to craft unique maps. Those who create the most imaginative maps have a chance to win exclusive Thunderbolt NFTs.

The Builders’ Tournament, launching on February 15, 2024, consists of the following stages:

  • World Building - Enjin community members use Bezogia's creator toolkit to build maps and challenges using the Enjin assets provided.
  • Community Engagement - Participants promote their creations within the community by gathering feedback, adding narratives, and interacting with other community members.
  • Winner Selection - Each map is shared on Discord, and the map with the highest number of votes will be awarded limited edition NFTs.

As demonstrated by this tournament, Bezogia is more than just a game. It serves as a canvas for limitless creativity, encouraging players to effortlessly and enthusiastically shape their own virtual worlds.

Participants are equipped with a virtual sandbox and a wide array of tools, enabling them to breathe life into the landscapes of their wildest fantasies or deepest fears. Once published, each map becomes instantly accessible to all players on the server.

Enter the World of Bezogia

The Builders Tournament proudly demonstrates the groundbreaking advancements Zogilabs has made in the field of User-Generated Content (UGC).

This exciting opportunity enables Enjin Community members to fully immerse themselves in a product that seamlessly integrates these state-of-the-art technologies.

World of Bezogia celebrates 1st NFT mint on Enjin Blockchain with World-Building Tournament
World of Bezogia is out now on Epic Games store and mobile.
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