Web Wallet

The fastest NFT onboarding
experience ever.

The Web Wallet is an accessible & user-friendly wallet meant to be used as an introduction to NFTs, allowing users to onboard non-custodial solutions at their own pace before transitioning to a wallet app.

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Web Wallet Features

Easy access to NFTs

Web Wallet makes it easy to access all of your NFTs on the web.

Powered by Beam

Powered by Enjin Beam tech for distribution and turbocharged with Efinity's scalability.

Easy to use

Web Wallet brings the ease of collecting NFTs to a whole new level.

More Chains & Tokens

More blockchains than ever, with support for Efinity and other newcomers joining the existing ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens.

Truly web-based

No need to download the app anymore or generate wallet ID to collect your favorite NFTs.

Distribute branded NFTs

Fully customizable for enterprise or certain case by case projects.

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Get started with just 3 steps

Onboard users with just 3 easy steps, which can be done as fast as 10 seconds.

Visit Webpage

Enter https://wallet.enjin.io/ in your browser or click the link below.

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Create Wallet

Click "Create Quick Wallet" and "I Agree to the Terms."

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Set Password

Set a Password for your Web Wallet.

After this, you're done! You have successfully created and may now use your Web Wallet.

For enhanced functionality and security, you are highly encouraged to migrate your Web Wallet to the Enjin Wallet App.

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Scan to get your first Efinity NFT!

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