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November 2, 2023

Upgraded Wallet Daemon Boosts Security for Adopters

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Upgraded Wallet Daemon Boosts Security for Adopters
Discover how Enjin's Wallet Daemon revolutionizes game development with automated NFT distributions, user-friendly design, and enhanced security.

As of today, the Enjin Wallet Daemon has become one of the first automated signature generators with visual user interface, making it so easy to use that even project leaders with very basic development knowledge are able to install and manage it securely.

This much-needed usability upgrade makes every Enjin adopters’ life easier, but it also boosts operational security.

We’ll explain why, but first…

What is the Wallet Daemon?

This crucial piece of infrastructure automatically signs all transactions that the game processes through the Enjin Platform.

This makes it simple for game developers to distribute a huge amount of NFTs without needing to send each NFT manually.

This is important because signing every transaction manually would be logistically impossible, but it also allows players to receive their assets instantly.

Here’s how it works:

  • A game sends a command through the Enjin Platform.
  • The Enjin Platform creates a transaction on-chain and asks the game’s wallet to approve the transaction.
  • The Daemon validates that you initiated the transaction through the Enjin Platform.
  • The Daemon then approves the transaction, and it is processed without human interaction.

As you can see, this is quite a simple process, but it is absolutely crucial that it be automated, which is why the Daemon is such an important part of the Enjin tech stack.

How Improving UX Also Improves Security

Nearly all Web3 game studios use automated signature generators to process their transactions for them.

But, realistically, the person within the company who controls the signature generator controls the project’s wallet, because they’re able to remove assets autonomously.

That’s why it’s crucial for companies to rigorously segment access to their signature generators.

The problem is, most signature generators use complex command-line interfaces, some even need to be hard coded.

This is far too complicated for most project leaders to manage. Which means, in some cases, junior developers are tasked with managing the project’s wallets, giving them full control over the entire economy.

This creates a clear security risk and is especially problematic if the developer leaves the company.

This creates risk for the entire community that holds the project’s NFTs.

This is one of many cases where bad UX creates unnecessary security risk, and it’s one of the biggest problems with blockchain tools.

At Enjin, UX has always been our passion, and it shows in our products.

Which is why Enjin’s Wallet Daemon has become one of the most user-friendly signature generators on the market – which also makes it one of the most secure.

Upgraded Wallet Daemon Boosts Security for Adopters
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