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October 6, 2020

Galvanizing Blockchain: The First Annual NFT Awards

Galvanizing Blockchain: The First Annual NFT Awards
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Nominations are now open for the First Annual NFT Awards! Get to know the judges, and learn more about our goals for the initiative.

It's rare that you find yourself within an industry poised to truly change things.

After years in the space, it's exhilarating to finally see business leaders, economists, and policymakers agree that blockchain is the disruptive platform that many of us have believed it to be.

But still, despite the growing confidence in blockchain as a platform, very few people actually agree on how it can be best used.

We have thousands of blockchain projects vying for attention, doing everything they can to create the killer app that can spread beyond the cryptocurrency market and bring billions of people into the space.

We've seen plenty of trial and error, but very little consensus on defining ideas as good or great.

There is little precedent in place to help us identify use cases with clear mass-market potential, and the blockchain movement is in desperate need of a system to create new standards that we all can aspire to.

We need open dialogue about how we can push ourselves—and each other—out of the bubbles we've built.

On an industry-wide scale, we need a platform to ask the sharpest business minds how they see our innovations playing out in the wider tech market.

We are proud to partner with Digital Asset Entertainment to create that platform and launch the First Annual NFT Awards, which is now accepting nominations.

The NFT Awards

Through the NFT Awards initiative, we hope to help answer the question, "What is blockchain really good for?"

Award ceremonies can be a lot of things, but we see this event as a form of collective thought leadership that can provide the NFT market some further guidance and momentum.

On a personal level, it's a chance for each of us to learn from some of the best minds in the tech space.

As a collective, it's an opportunity for the industry to come together and show the world what blockchain can do.

Above all, our goal is to gather a panel of thought leaders to help illuminate a path forward for blockchain, based on their evaluation of the mosts compelling use cases in 2020.

May the best NFTs rise to the top and prove that this technology is here to stay.

The Categories

The 2020 NFT Awards features the following categories:

  • NFT of the Year
  • Most Innovative NFT
  • People's Choice Award
  • Adoption Potential Award
  • Most Valuable NFT
  • Best Gaming NFT
  • Best Art NFT
  • Best Charity NFT
  • Best Utility NFT
  • Most Traded NFT

Each category will have one winner, selected by leading professionals from the tech market.

The Judging Process

We've put a lot of thought into how to make the NFT Awards fair and unimpeachable.

Given the prestige, promotion, and profit to be gained from recognition in the booming NFT space, we've implemented four levels of governance into the judging process:

  1. Free, open nominations
  2. Main judging panel featuring tech experts
  3. Blockchain Council of industry leaders
  4. Community voting

Free & Open Nominations

It is imperative that there are no gatekeepers in the nomination process, which is now open for submissions.

That's why you can nominate any NFT, irrespective of the project it is affiliated with–or the blockchain it calls home.

NFT creators can nominate their own creations, collectors can nominate their own collections, and enthusiasts can nominate the tokens they're most passionate about.

As long as the nominated NFTs aren't duplicates, offensive, or miscategorized, they will appear on the website for voting.

The Tech Experts: Main Judging Panel

We are reaching beyond the blockchain ecosystem, to find at least seven experienced judges who can cast their vision into the future and help us determine which NFTs could create a catalyst for mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Alongside our co-hosts DEA, we began this journey by approaching:

  • Sherry List, who leads Microsoft's "Azure Heroes" NFT rewards program
  • Nobuyuki Idei, the former CEO & Chairman of Sony

Now, we are happy to announce that these experts in their field will be joined by:

The Blockchain Council: Preliminary Judges

As we started reaching out to judges outside of the blockchain industry, we quickly realized that the job of reviewing hundreds (if not thousands) of nominations to find a few clear winners would be massive.

We needed a way to alleviate this workload and create a shortlist of nominees in a fair way, so we decided to create a council of leaders from across the blockchain industry.

We want the best NFTs to be reviewed by our expert judging panel, so we've reached out to companies from different segments of the market, with varying business interests.

We are happy to announce the members of the Blockchain Council:

The Community Council: Esteemed Voters

We recognize that the time of our Blockchain Council members is extremely valuable, and that combing through every NFT nomination to select the shortlist is a big job.

It's important for these judges to also have insight into what the wider blockchain community considers the best NFTs.

For this reason, we decided to open voting to the community—a way for everyone's voices to be heard, and for the most popular NFTs in the industry to be seen first.

In addition to informing our council of the wider community sentiment, voting will also determine the winner of the People's Choice Award.

However, we also understand that nearly all voting systems are easily manipulated by bots, click farms, and commercial interests, so we must have layers of centralization in the final stages of the voting process via our esteemed judges noted above.

Key Dates

  • October 6—November 13: Nominations open
  • October 22—November 13: Community voting for People's Choice Award
  • December 9: Winners announced in NFT Awards ceremony on Twitch

Guiding the Path for Blockchain

We are humbled to be in the position to host, what we believe, could be an era-defining initiative as part of a movement that's primed for global adoption.

The 2020 NFT Awards ceremony will take place on December 9, 2020, streamed live on Twitch, and will be produced by Enjin and DEA.

If you're an NFT creator, collector, or enthusiast, we invite you to nominate your tokens of choice, and vote for the innovations you believe should guide our industry's path forward into 2021.

Galvanizing Blockchain: The First Annual NFT Awards
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