Review the latest developments within the Enjin Ecosystem.

Destroy Token

As a collection owner, by toggling the 'Remove token storage' option, it is now possible to completely remove a token from the blockchain storage when burning all circulating token supply, effectively destroying the token.

Wrong data in NFT “About” section

Fixed an issue where instead of the collection name and image, the collection owner's name and image were displayed.

Wrong token in ‘Verify Send’ screen

Fixed a visual issue in the 'Verify Send' screen where the chain’s native token was displayed instead of the actual token being sent.

New Feature: Item Rarity Ranking

Introducing a new feature on Item Rarity Ranking!
Item rankings are assigned to each item automatically, making it easier to determine their rarity.
Rankings are based on the scarcity of the item's attributes within the collection.

Item Rarity Rankings on

Rarity Ranking can be toggled on and off for each collection by the collection owner in the collection settings page.

Toggle 'Display Token Rankings' option on
Missing Frozen Indicator

Fixed an issue that prevented the ‘Frozen’ indicator from appearing on frozen items.

Beam State After Collection Ownership Transfer

Beams now end once a collection ownership transfer is completed.

Incorrect Hours in Auction timer

Resolved an issue where the Auction timer on the item card displayed incorrect hours.

Cancel Listing with No Bids

Fixed an issue that prevented canceling a listing with no bids.


Token Name Simplification

Token IDs have been removed from token names to enhance readability.

Wrong "From" Address Displayed for Bitcoin Transactions

Fixed a visual issue where the "From" field displayed the recipient address instead of the sender.

More Reliable NFT Fetching

Fixed an issue where NFT amounts were being fetched inconsistently.

Range Filter for Numbered Property Fields

Added a slider filter for properties containing only numbers.

USD Price Filter

Listings can now be filtered by USD price.

Greyed Out / Missing Buttons in Item Card

Fixed an issue that was preventing the "Connect" and "Add to Cart" buttons from being clicked within the item card.

Collection Activity Loading Time

Addressed an issue causing significant delays in loading the collection activity page.

Bid from Auction Notification

Fixed an issue that was preventing bidding again when clicking the bid button from the notification center.

Duplicate Pending Items in Profile

Fixed a UI issue where a pending item appeared twice in the profile's "Owned" tab.

Beam Claim History Address

Fixed an issue where the Beam creator's address was displayed instead of the claimant's address.

Updating Profile Bio

Fixed an issue that was preventing the "Save Changes" button from being clicked after updating the bio.

Listing Items Reserved for Beam

Resolved an issue that prevented listing items when some of the supply was reserved for Beam.

Creating Beam with "Allow Claim on Any Device" Option

Fixed an issue preventing the creation of a Beam with the "Allow Claim on Any Device" option enabled.

GetClaims for Single-Use Beams

A single-use filter has been added to the GetClaims query, enabling the retrieval of claim data specifically for Single-Use Beams.

Dark Mode Adjustments

Resolved issues where certain texts and icons were still displaying light mode colors in dark mode.

Loading Marketplace Sales

Fixed an issue where loading the Sales tab on the Marketplace menu resulted in an error.

Enjin Discord Bot

Added an option to assign different roles based on token amount holdings.

Add to Cart

Items can now be added to the cart even when not signed in to an account.

Explore Page

Introduced a new and cleaner interface for exploring collections, NFTs, and activities.

Token Media

Increased the maximum number of token media files from 4 to 10.

Asset Loading

Fixed an issue where the “My Items” section would occasionally fail to load.

Trending Category Scrolling

Resolved an issue that was preventing the scrolling of trending category tokens.

Governance & staking notifications

Resolved an issue where notifications were not broadcasted for StakeExchange offer fills and staking rewards.
The formatting for staking-related push notifications has also been refined.

Stake Tab Error

Fixed a bug causing the Stake tab to display an “API couldn't be reached” error.

C# SDK Channel Filters

Added Channel Filter support to GetPendingEvents mutation. This allows filtering events based on the channel they were broadcasted on.

C# SDK Batch Transfer Function

Support for the BatchTransferBalance mutation has been added, enabling batch transferring of ENJ tokens in a single transaction call.

C# SDK Now Fully Live

The C# SDK library for the Enjin Platform has moved out of Beta and is now at version 1.1.0.

Skip Validation Options for C# SDK

The aforementioned skipValidation options have also been incorporated into the C# SDK.

C# SDK Fuel Tank Dispatch

Issues related to Dispatching transactions using Fuel Tanks have been resolved.

Automatic ENJ teleporting feature

A new QoL feature that automatically detects ENJ tokens transferred to managed wallets made on the Relaychain network, and automatically teleports them to the Matrixchain network. This assists in scenarios where users may mistakenly fund their managed wallets with ENJ tokens on Relaychain, instead of Matrixchain.

Accept Collection Transfer

A new mutation, AcceptCollectionTransfer, has been introduced. This is used to finalize the transfer of a collection by the new owner.

Skip Validation Parameter

A skipValidation parameter has been added to Fuel Tank and Marketplace mutations. This allows bypassing some validation tests for debugging purposes.

Fuel Tank Permissions

The WhitelistedPallet rule has been added, enabling its use when creating or editing fuel tanks.

Fuel Tank Validation

‍The dispatch validation logic has been improved, allowing dispatching from non-tank owner accounts.

Burn Mutation validation

An issue has been fixed where burning token supply using the Burn mutation failed on validation with the error The collection id provided is not owned by you. Now, it validates collection ownership only when removeTokenStorage is set to true.‍

Force Mint Function

“Force_mint” support has been added for the indexer, fixing a bug where TokenCreated events of tokens created using the force_mint extrinsic weren’t correctly handled, leading to missing data.

Websocket Events

Issues with CollectionMutated, TokenReserved, and TokenUnreserved events have been addressed. Support for the CollectionTransferred event has also been added.

Fuel Tank Names

‍An issue has been fixed where some fuel tank names were displayed in Hexadecimal format.

Beams List

An issue on the Beams List Page where additional beams wouldn’t load has been fixed.

Governance & Staking Notifications

The formatting for staking-related push notifications has been adjusted.

Pending Bitcoin Transactions

A bug has been fixed where broadcasted Bitcoin transactions that are still pending disappear from the transaction history after the app restarts.

Token Properties percentage

A visual issue has been fixed where trait percentages were displayed incorrectly.

Melting Tokens

Fixed a bug where an error will occur when trying to melt Enjin assets on Ethereum blockchain.

Activity Screen

Fixed a bug where Activity screen would fail to load.

IPFS media

Fixed an issue where IPFS media files with no explicit file types wouldn’t load.

Validation Checks

Additional validation checks have been added to the Whitelisted Collections fuel tank rule, now verifying the whitelisted collection on extrinsics that lacks a collection_id parameter, such as cancelListing.

Fuel Tank Dispatch

An issue preventing accounts with 0.1 ENJ or less from dispatching using the dispatch_and_touch fuel tank extrinsic was fixed.

Cross-Chain Swaps

Bitcoin support has been added, enabling the swapping of tokens between Bitcoin BTC and native ENJ / Ethereum ERC-20 directly from the Enjin wallet app.

Staking History

'Offer Cancelled' activity has been added.


NFT Views Redesign

Enhanced designs have been introduced for the Collection view and NFT view, offering more details and a better-organized interface.

Transaction Request Redesign

An updated design has been applied to the transaction request modal, providing a more streamlined view of the request.


Add To Cart

Tokens can now be added to cart, allowing for a quick checkout of multiple tokens at once.

Loading animations

Enhanced animations have been implemented for loading a collection or awaiting for wallet’s signature.

Other UI enhancements

Other quality of life usability optimizations have been implemented to improve the user experience.

Naming Fix

A bug that was causing inaccessibility for collections with special characters in their names has been fixed.

Collection Banners

Bugs that were causing the collection banner to be disrupted or raising a “Collection Not Found” error message after editing a collection have been fixed.

Beam Conditions

Support for Beam Region condition has been introduced. Read more about this functionality in the Marketplace Section below.

Cross-Chain Swaps

Added support for Enjin Blockchain. You can now swap ERC20 tokens to Native ENJ directly in the Enjin wallet app.

Staking History

Added ‘Offer Filled’ and ‘Offer Created’ activities.

Staking Pool Overview Redesign

The staking pool screen has been redesigned to provide more information including a Reward Rate graph, Pool bonus graph & statistics, pool information, and more.

Melting ENJ

An issue has been resolved where the total melted ENJ displayed was incorrect when multiple assets were selected for melting.

Platform Connection QR Code

Fixed an issue when scanning the QR code to connect wallet to platform.

Various Other Fixes

Various bug other fixes have been implemented.

Geographic conditional claims

Introduced a new Beam conditional claim option. You can now exclude or include specific regions or countries for Beam claims.

Enjin Beam - Quick Claim

A new Temporary Wallet feature!

Now, everyone can receive and claim assets distributed by Enjin Beam, even without having the Enjin wallet app installed.Assets that have been claimed will be kept in the Temporary wallets.

This allows users to hold onto their earned assets until they feel ready and comfortable to transition them to the Enjin wallet app.

Collection filters

Added the ability to filter collections by their category.

Collection ID Copy

Added option to quickly copy the collection ID on Collection page.

Inherit External Link

When creating a new token, the collection’s External Link will be inherited by default.

Beam syncing improvement

Beam data during high parallel Beam claim usage now provides more accurate data for Beam creators

NSFW Content Hidden

Not Safe For Work content is now hidden when not logged in.

Various UI improvements

Implemented various UI fixes involving Token Quick Actions, Trending Collections UI, Search bar, Dark Mode, and many more quality of life improvements have been implemented.


Expired Auctions

An issue where expired auctions were still visible has been fixed. Additionally, an issue preventing the cancellation of expired auctions has been resolved.

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