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What is Enjin?

The world's first purpose-built blockchain for games and apps. Enjin is a Proof-of-Stake dual-layer chain with NFT-specific functions at the protocol level.

Made for Mass Adoption

Learn about core Enjin Blockchain's features, innovative
concepts, and next-gen tools for mass adoption.

Seamless End-to-End Apps

Complete, seamless, and robust end-to-end app layer, from wallet to marketplace.


Low block time, high TPS, and high throughput, millions of NFTs can be minted in seconds.


Fast, low fee transactions, even for global games requiring thousands of transactions per minute.

Protocol-level NFT Functions

Advanced, scalable, future-proof NFT functions, integrated at the protocol-level.


Built on Substrate architecture, which is recognized as the greenest proof-of-stake chain.

Easy Integration

Easy, low-cost NFT integration into games and platforms without need for blockchain coding resources.

Governance & Staking

Keep Enjin Secure

Owners of ENJ have the chance to stake their tokens, contributing to the governance and security of the Enjin Blockchain – earning governance rewards in the process.

Earn Governance Rewards
You stake  5,000 ENJ
Your estimated rewards
Yearly reward rate
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Components of Enjin Blockchain

The Enjin Blockchain is able to provide scalability, customization, and interoperability because of its robust architecture, which includes several components — Enjin Relaychain, Enjin Matrixchain, and other matrixchains.

Enjin Relaychain

The foundation and security layer of Enjin Blockchain.

Enjin Matrixchain

The NFT application layer of Enjin Blockchain, secured by Enjin Relaychain.

Custom Matrixchains

Interoperable, purpose-built chains secured by Enjin Relaychain.

Enjin Matrixchain

The utility layer of Enjin Blockchain, hyper-optimized for mainstream games.

Managed Wallets

Custodial on-chain addresses enable users to receive NFTs from games without needing to download a wallet first.

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Fuel Tanks

Wallets covering transaction fees for selected addresses enable users to transfer and trade NFTs without incurring gas fees.

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On-Chain Metadata

Enabling developers to inscribe metadata and images on the blockchain adds permanent attributes and history to NFTs.

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On-Chain Marketplace

Operating the marketplace on the blockchain's core infrastructure lowers transaction fees and establishes unbreakable network-wide laws to protect creators.

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Guaranteed Royalties

Enforcing creator royalties on Enjin Blockchain safeguards a potent revenue stream for creators.

Open-Source Platform

The open-source platform, API, and indexer make integration into Enjin Blockchain permissionless, while granting developers full control over their tech stack.

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Validate and Govern the Enjin Blockchain.

Enjin nodes are elected using a proof-of-stake consensus model.The network is secured by validators and stakers instead of miners.

Secure the Network

Running and nominating reliable validators distributes network data across numerous machines, securing its integrity.

Ensure Stability

Validators stabilize the network by guaranteeing widespread availability of on-chain data from diverse sources.

Make it Permissionless

Distributing the Enjin Blockchain stack across many nodes ensures individual or collective use of the network cannot be gated.

Get started with Enjin

Our end-to-end solutions make using and creating NFTs and blockchain-based experiences feel effortless for everyone.

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