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May 9, 2022

New Frontier: Transforming Tourism with NFTs

New Frontier: Transforming Tourism with NFTs
Find out how New Frontier is using Enjin NFTs to foster digital engagement with in the global tourism industry.
"Tourism by nature lends itself to the gamification process."

According to recent research, over 1/4 of visitors desire a digital experience when visiting places in the real world.

In our increasingly digital lives where Millennials and GenZ are becoming the primary consumers, this trend toward a hybrid real/digital world will only grow.

Enter New Frontier, a company bringing digital engagement to the tourism industry with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Using Enjin's blockchain product stack and Beam QR codes, New Frontier is enabling tourism bodies across the world to digitally enhance and gamify the experience of visitors, with NFTs providing utility through loyalty and rewards programs, games, treasure hunts, registration and booking incentives, storytelling, event access, and more.

Enhancing the Visitor Experience with Blockchain

"We aim to be a conduit to adoption for the rest of the Enjin ecosystem. Tourism has the potential to unblock the issues seen in the gaming industry by showcasing the positive and engaging side of NFTs."

— Graeme Stevens, Co-founder of New Frontier

New Frontier believes NFTs to enhance and complement the physical visitor experience, creating a digital layer of interactive fun and engaging visitors before and after their visit.

The team is already working with official tourism bodies in the UK, Spain, Mexico, and New Zealand, with a number of additional opportunities in progress in other major tourist centers.

Among their early collaborations:

  • The Great Tapestry of Scotland: The program is creating historically-themed NFTs, with a community competition to design art work for NFTs that depict these areas for the rest of the 21st Century. This will be accompanied by a physi-digital interactive treasure hunt, integrating with Enjin games in a "hidden scrolls" quest.
  • Visit Arran "Island Adventure": A treasure hunt will allow visitors to collect themed NFTs at various points on the island, which will be further developed into an interactive quest in the Metaverse.
  • Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A): Invited to participate in a symposium on digital fashion and supported V&A research team London with information gathering.
  • Quintana Roo Regional Government: Issuing NFT-based certificates to official tour guides in the state.
  • Gencat Cataluña: Exploring opportunities for regional attractions to leverage the metaverse.

New Frontier Roadmap

New Frontier has an exciting year ahead, with partnerships and educational campaigns alongside their ongoing activations:

2022 Q2:

  • Official partners of TravelTech Scotland, Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions (ASVA), The Great Tapestry of Scotland, and Isle of Arran
  • Official webinar for attractions: Virtual and Hybrid Tourism In the Metaverse
  • Release v1 of the Tourism Metaverse Playbook for Scotland

2022 Q3:

  • Release Spanish Tourism Metaverse Playbook for Latin America
  • Secure partnerships with tourism authorities and businesses in strategic destinations.
  • Metaverse and tourism educational app
  • $TAY Token IDO

2022 Q4

  • Launch of first projects with utility in the Enjin ecosystem

To stay updated on New Frontier's progress, you can follow them on Twitter or join their Telegram community.

The Enjin Ecosystem

The Enjin ecosystem is a collaborative community of developers building innovative games, apps, and NFT projects.

Through our ecosystem, we aim to provide the resources and support needed to create and launch a successful blockchain game or app:

  • Showcase: Submit your project to gain exposure to hundreds of thousands of Enjin community members and NFT enthusiasts.
  • Collaborate: Join a community of fellow innovators to collaborate on co-marketing campaigns, shared NFTs, and Metaverse projects.
  • Get Funding: Apply for our Metaverse Fund and get connected with our network of investors and technology accelerators.
  • Community Support: Get tips and tricks from fellow developers on using our blockchain tools.

Interested in building the metaverse? We'd love to learn more about what you're working on!

New Frontier: Transforming Tourism with NFTs
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