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November 16, 2023

NFT Migration to Enjin Blockchain Starts December 8

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NFT Migration to Enjin Blockchain Starts December 8

The migration of 200 million Enjin-powered assets from Ethereum and JumpNet to their final destination—the Enjin Blockchain—is set to commence.

All tokens minted over the last 6 years are about to find their forever-home, achieving complete unification across the Enjin Ecosystem.

Anyone can build on Enjin Blockchain. Seamless integration between the chain and the app layer (wallet, marketplace, platform, and API) will drive Web3 adoption for years to come.

Level Up Your Tokens

Post-migration, your digital collectibles will gain substantial benefits:

  • Enjoy minimal transaction fees of just $0.005, with many fees absorbed by Enjin’s blockchain-wide fuel tanks.
  • Trade effortlessly on NFT.io, the intuitive Web3 marketplace & Platform.
  • Benefit from enforced royalties that can’t be circumvented.
  • Simplify token adoption for developers through a standardized API for integration.

Get Ready for December

If you’re not yet active on the Enjin Blockchain, now is the time to dive in.

  • Dec 1: Launch of Enjin’s blockchain-wide fuel tanks, subsidizing transactions for three months (limits apply).
  • Dec 8: Snapshot of all Ethereum and JumpNet wallets. Specific block number to be announced later.
  • Dec 11: Transfer of all wallet and token data to Enjin Blockchain, with easy claiming of migrated tokens via the Enjin Wallet.

Post-migration of wallet data, Enjin will collaborate closely with adopters to facilitate a seamless transition to the Enjin Blockchain.

Enjin  will offer hands-on support, focused on seamlessly migrating adopters to the Enjin Blockchain, with the goal of maintaining uninterrupted experiences for games and applications in the ecosystem.

ERC-1155 Snapshot & Data Transfer

A definitive snapshot of ERC-1155 tokens on Ethereum and JumpNet will mark the cutoff for transactions visible on the Enjin Blockchain. Transactions occurring after the snapshot date on Dec 8, 2023 will not be considered canonical.

From that point, the Enjin Blockchain becomes the sole ledger for all Enjin-powered tokens and transactions.

Once the transition is complete, ERC-1155 holders may "melt" their tokens post-snapshot to reclaim backed ENJ without impacting the migration.

This snapshot will capture a complete inventory of tokens on both chains, with the data transfer to the Enjin Blockchain expected to take up to a week.

Ethereum-Related Services to Close in April 2024

Enjin is tentatively scheduled to retire its entire Ethereum technology stack in April 2024.

This includes the discontinuation of support for JumpNet and its Bridges, Enjin Platform for EVM, Enjin Beam for EVM, EnjinX Marketplace, and EnjinX Blockchain Explorer.

Enhancements to Enjin’s Platform and Marketplace

Just two months post-launch, Enjin Blockchain is already providing developers with many times the liquidity that was available on JumpNet.

The platform has been extensively upgraded, introducing advanced features such as:

Enjin Platform:

  • Combination of open-source and cloud-based solutions.
  • Advanced transaction management tools.
  • Customizable token ID structures.
  • Immutable on-chain collection and attribute management.
  • Robust Enjin Beam, Marketplace, Fuel Tanks, and Managed Wallets dashboards and APIs.


  • Intuitive interface for improved trading.
  • Custom domains for branded marketplaces.
  • Guaranteed royalty enforcement.
  • Customizable royalty options.
  • Auction features for optimized price discovery.
  • Extremely low transaction fees, starting at $0.005.

The unification of the Enjin Ecosystem is a critical step in securing its position as a leader in Web3 gaming. The objective is to ensure a seamless transition for all games and applications to the enhanced tools.

The Enjin Blockchain API closely mirrors those of Ethereum and JumpNet, making the transition straightforward for existing adopters. Additionally, Enjin is developing an adopter program with incentives like dedicated fuel tanks to reward and support early builders on the Enjin Blockchain.

The versions of Enjin Platform and EnjinX on JumpNet and Ethereum are scheduled for decommissioning in April 2024.

If you require assistance with your migration, please reach out to Enjin for support.

🔗 Start Building on Enjin Blockchain
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JumpNet and its Bridges

The bridging of ERC-1155 tokens between JumpNet and Ethereum will cease permanently on December 8th, marking the start of a complete migration to the Enjin Blockchain.

Simultaneously, from December 8th, the bridging of ENJ from Ethereum to JENJ on JumpNet will also be suspended. Since there is no need to transfer Enjin Coin onto JumpNet, as it’s being being discontinued.

JENJ to ENJ bridging will remain available until the final sunset date. At which time, all remaining JENJ will be migrated back to Ethereum.

The final JENJ migration will happen in three steps in April of 2024:

  1. The JumpNet blockchain will be stopped and a final snapshot of Enjin Coin (JENJ) wallets will be taken.
  2. For each address on JumpNet, the total amount of JENJ in both ERC-20 form and as backing for ERC-1155 tokens will be calculated.
  3. An equivalent amount of ENJ, currently stored on the Ethereum side of the bridge, will be distributed to these respective wallets. This process is anticipated to take up to a full week after sunset date.

Once you have received your Enjin Coin on Ethereum, you’ll have the opportunity to migrate your ENJ to the Enjin Blockchain using the existing process.

Enjin Wallet and Beam

The sunsetting of Enjin's Ethereum services will lead to several changes in the Enjin Wallet experience, including:

  1. Post-migration to the Enjin Blockchain, ERC-1155 assets remaining on Ethereum will not be visible in the Enjin Wallet, though ERC-20 ENJ will still be supported.
  2. All ERC-20 and ERC-1155  tokens on JumpNet will no longer be visible in the Enjin Wallet.
  3. Enjin Beam will lose the capability to distribute tokens on both JumpNet or Ethereum.

Claiming Your Migrated Tokens

You can use the Enjin Wallet to migrate your tokens easily. Alternative methods will be available through the Enjin Console or by manual transfer, details for these methods will be provided at a later date.

There's no cost for this migration; Enjin covers all associated fees.

For migration, select which wallet you would like to move your tokens to, start the transfer, and you should see your tokens in your wallet within 24 hours. Your wallet might show incomplete data during this time, especially if you have a large number of tokens.

Projects, now called Collections, will also be migrated, and their respective owner addresses will be set during the claiming process.

Please note, if the creator of a token has decided not to participate in the automatic migration, those tokens will require manual transfer. If you find that any of your tokens have not been migrated, reach out to the creator of the collection for further instructions.

Updates to Collection & Token Data

If you’re a creator, it's important to understand the data changes that will occur during the migration to the Enjin Blockchain:

Simplified Supply Models

Enjin Blockchain has simplified supply mechanics. The supply model of each token will merge to suit the blockchain’s standard protocols.

  • If your tokens have Fixed, Collapsing or Infinite supply they will remain unaffected.
  • Settable, Annual Value and Annual Percentage tokens will be converted to Infinite.

Token Structure Alterations:

Tokens will behave differently due to the {id} in their uri being updated:

  1. Ethereum allowed a 256-bit identifier, whereas Enjin Blockchain supports only a 128-bit.
  2. The new structure adds a collection identifier prefix, changing the format. For example, if your collection identifier is 1000 and your previous identifier is 7880000000000a2f...00000000000000, it will now be 1000-7880000000000a2f0000000000000000.

Legacy functionality such as transfer fees and melt fees will not be inherited in the migration.

Unified URI Management:

Enjin will maintain the uri (Uniform Resource Identifier) attribute for metadata management while temporarily streamlining it during the migration, through centralized hosting.

Creators will then be able to customize as needed.

The uri attribute directs to the URL of each collection and token's metadata, which includes the name, description, and image.

During the migration, all collections will automatically reference Enjin's CDN (content delivery network) for metadata, which will redirect back to the original uri that was set by the token creator.

This maintains consistency across the collection while allowing for individual token customization.

Creators who prefer to host their metadata independently, can update the uri to point to their desired location.

This process involves adjusting where the metadata is hosted (see “Token Structure Alterations”) and then changing the uri setting at the collection level or for individual tokens by calling the multiTokens.setAttribute extrinsic.

Further details about the migration will be released at a later date.

NFT Migration to Enjin Blockchain Starts December 8

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