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December 29, 2023

Preparing for an Explosive 2024

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Preparing for an Explosive 2024
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With the launch of Enjin Blockchain, this ecosystem experienced a transformative change this year.

In a few short months, the Enjin Ecosystem became the most user-friendly solution for studios targeting mass-market success.

The final migration from Ethereum sparked an instant wave of adoption.

Enjin is now welcoming incredible builders to the ecosystem every single week.

Development Achievements

No other Web3 company has ever released such a barrage of game changing products at such a rapid-fire cadence.

Enjin stands out in a field where most projects struggle to successfully launch even one successful product.

In contrast, Enjin has effectively rolled out an entire suite that includes a blockchain, marketplace, and a range of development tools and consumer products.

This proves, once again, that no one builds like Enjin.

Having successfully launched its most complex products, Enjin is now well-positioned to drive innovation that surpasses all expectations.

Highlight: Enjin Blockchain Launch

Meticulously Designed for mainstream games and apps, the launch of Enjin Blockchain has set the stage for the Enjin Ecosystem to scale exponentially.

With its superior specifications and unique features such as managed wallets, fuel tanks, metadata inscriptions, and an on-chain marketplace with enforced royalties, Enjin Blockchain stands out as the ideal chain for mainstream games.

Adoption Achievements

Following the successful migration of all 200 million of Enjin's NFTs from Ethereum to the Enjin Blockchain, adoption surged immediately.

The Enjin Ecosystem was thrilled to welcome these exciting adopters in December alone.

Additional Achievements


Early adopters of Enjin’s governance protocol will have access to a 250 million Enjin Coin (ENJ) early governance rewards pool, with these rewards set to be distributed in 10 equal intervals starting January 15, 2024.

Fuel Tanks

On October 30, Enjin introduced full Fuel Tank support, coupled with a three-month subsidy for all transactions on the Enjin Blockchain.

Even today, you can process any kind of transaction on Enjin and have all of your transaction fees waived.

Beam Conditional Claims

On December 14, Enjin unveiled a new feature in Enjin Beam, enabling creators to set 'Claim Conditions' – specific requirements that claimers must meet before they can successfully claim a beam.

Thank You!

2023 marked a year of transformation for Enjin, and 2024 is poised to be its year of growth.

With a vast array of groundbreaking developments and adopters on the horizon, stay tuned to Enjin's Discord and Telegram channels for real-time updates as they hit the news cycle.

Preparing for an Explosive 2024
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