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Race to the top in this multiplayer battle royale

Climbers is a multiplayer battle royale racing game in which players compete for prizes.

The game won 1st place at the 2023 Alibaba Cloud Web3 game hackathon where it was praised for its game design, playability, and blockchain technology.

Platinum Egg Inc., the Tokyo-based game studio behind Climbers, has recently joined the Enjin ecosystem and is looking to integrate an NFT rewards program and in-game token minting technology.

With over 1,000 downloads on browser and mobile, Climbers features digital asset-backed characters and user-generated stages.

Players experience a fun game with true ownership of game assets.

Creating a New Standard for Blockchain Gaming

With over 20 years of Web2 game development and having launched previous blockchain titles, Climbers understood the challenges of creating a successful blockchain game.

We have developed and operated numerous blockchain games and are well aware that purchasing cryptocurrency and using a wallet can be extremely challenging for general game users…

- Climbers’ Whitepaper

In many instances blockchain has hindered non-Web3 players from entering games.

Buying cryptocurrency and downloading wallets can be daunting for many players. Previous blockchain games also gained notoriety for focusing on money-making mechanics rather than the game itself.

By addressing these challenges, Platinum Egg believes that it will attract players from both Web2 and Web3 markets.

Gameplay First, Blockchain Second

Players race to the finish line while jumping through land tiles, evading traps, and collecting treasure. Simple yet enjoyable.

The developers focused on creating a game that players will truly love.

Players do not need cryptocurrency, wallets, or any knowledge of blockchain technology. Anyone can play Climbers with just their laptop or mobile phone.

The game starts in tutorial mode where players learn how to navigate through a stage. Upon completion of the tutorial, the game rewards players with $0.73 worth of Bitcoin (as of writing).

For the more competitive crowd, Climbers holds tournaments every few days. Players race each other to the top of each stage and win up to $60 worth of Bitcoin and other in-game items.

Winnings accumulate in each players’ wallet.

Player may choose to continue playing or go down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole. Players must link their blockchain wallet and valid mobile number to withdraw their winnings.

In this aspect, blockchain runs in the background and acts as an enabler rather than a gatekeeper.

NFT-backed Stages

Climbers differentiates itself through user-generated stages.

While other blockchain games may focus on character assets, Climbers empowers users to create fun and exciting experiences.

It is impossible for us, the management, to create these lands by ourselves. We hope that users with good taste will create various lands, publish them, and then vote on them…

- Climbers’ Whitepaper

Creators place land, roadblocks, and special items throughout each map.

Each stage is an NFT (non-fungible token) which can be traded to other players.

The community selects the best stage to be used in game and every time the stage is used, the owner gets a share of the winnings.

Through user-generated stages, Climbers also achieves the following:

  • High-repeatability - contestants find themselves continuously challenged by new maps. Each map is a new experience.
  • Extra gameplay - creating a stage is another creative dimension that players can enjoy.
  • Player-driven economy - players create and trade stages while other users vote which stages to use in game.

Stage designs go as far as what the creator can imagine, playing on people’s desires.

Blockchain for Mass Market Adoption

Having developed CrossLink, a blockchain role-playing game that reached over 250,000 downloads, Platinum Egg is no stranger to building blockchain games.

Marketing would have to be enhanced to competitively reach both Web2 and Web3 player bases.

In-game token minting would have to support a large player base. Unnecessary transaction fees would hurt both players and developers.

To address these needs, Platinum Egg utilizes the best that blockchain has to offer.

Player Acquisition Through Digital Assets

Player acquisition tops the list of game development studios’ needs.

For game developers without AAA-marketing budgets, blockchain offers a potential solution.

By distributing player-owned assets which hold utility in-game, developers can entice potential players.

Climbers will double down on their community growth initiatives by distributing Reward NFTs through Beam, Enjin’s QR code-based distribution system that facilitates mass distribution of digital assets.

With over 650,000 NFTs sent via Beam, the QR code tool has been an effective marketing and distribution channel.

Anyone with a functioning smartphone can scan the QR code, upon which they’ll be prompted to download Enjin Wallet.

These Reward NFTs hold in-game utility which holders will be interested to try out.

Watch out for Climbers’ Reward NFTs in Q1 2024!

In-Game Token Minting

To encourage player retention, Climbers plans to add in-game digital assets which can be earned as players complete stages and competitions.

These NFTs can be acquired and minted en-masse using Enjin’s Play to Mint technology.

These acquisition and retention tools empower Climbers with superb value which will get players talking about the game and inviting their friends.

Enjin's integration is very easy to install for the web2 game developer. I also appreciate the support from the technical team on Slack.

- Platinum Egg, Interview with Enjin

The Play to Mint integration is planned for Q2 2024

The Future is Sky High

The tools for building games has never been better. Developers can create blockchain games that redefine how gaming should be done.

There’s nothing stopping game developers with the proper resources and support on hand.

Climbers is out now on browser and mobile. Click https://app.climbers.show/ to play right now
Enjin Blockchain should be one of the most well-known chains in the world, especially in North America. We are looking forward to working with Enjin and other chains and developing various ecosystems. We regard Enjin Blockchain as a chain suitable for gaming, with a reliable history.
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