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Learn about the epic quest through 8 games, hosted by SwissBorg.

In 2017, Enjin embarked on a groundbreaking journey to develop its blockchain ecosystem, inspired by the captivating vision of the Oasis in Ready Player One. This vision came to life in August 2018 when Enjin unveiled the world's first Gaming Multiverse, promising to deliver an epic quest that would traverse a vast array of games.

To navigate the uncharted waters of multiverse quests, Enjin decided to test the concept on a smaller scale, which led to the creation of the Cyborg Quest, launched in partnership with Swissborg. This initiative was not just a test but a full-scale adventure in its own right, inviting players to journey through eight distinct games to reassemble the SwissBorg Cyborg and compete for a substantial $50,000 prize pool.

The Cyborg's Quest was a prototype for future multiverse adventures, offering invaluable insights into the design, execution, and the user experience of traversing cross-game experiences. It also served as a proving ground for Enjin's conceptual and technological innovations.

The SwissBorg Cyborg Quest epitomized the essence of Enjin's Multiverse, bringing together various games and communities under a questline. Players embarked on a cross-game journey, each game contributing to the overarching narrative and enriching the player's experience along the way.

This initiative was a testament to Enjin's commitment to revolutionizing the gaming industry, showcasing the potential of blockchain technology to create interconnected gaming experiences that transcend traditional gaming boundaries.

Cyborg Champion
A playable character in Lost Relics, Forest Knight, and MyMeta Minecraft.
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Cyborg's Quest

Despite facing the challenge of high Ethereum transaction fees, Enjin, along with a consortium of partners, successfully launched a pilot for the multiverse quest.

Together, they crafted a decentralized user-experience, showcasing the potential of blockchain-linked gaming universes.

The Gameplay

During the cross-game quest, players embarked on an adventure to thwart the nefarious Red Borg, who had ruthlessly dismantled the Cyborg Champion.

Participants journeyed through seven distinct gaming universes within the Enjin Ecosystem, each created by different game studios, to collect the scattered parts of the Cyborg Champion.With a limited timeframe, players navigated through titles like Kingdom Karnage, MyMeta Minecraft, The Six Dragons and Forest Knight, among others, to retrieve the Cyborg's head, torso, and legs.

Once players had collected all of the pieces, they were able to put the Cyborg Champion back together again.

This quest not only demonstrated the interconnectedness of the Enjin gaming universe but also highlighted the innovative use of blockchain technology to create a cohesive, engaging narrative across multiple games.

After players successfully reassembled the Cyborg Champion by collecting its parts across various games, they were led to Lost Relics for the ultimate test. In this grand finale, the best players faced off against formidable adversaries in a high-stakes confrontation.

This climactic battle was not just a test of individual skill but also a demonstration of the strategic acumen and collaboration fostered throughout the quest. Players who had honed their abilities and gathered the necessary assets across the Enjin multiverse now had the chance to claim their reward.This finale in Lost Relics encapsulated the essence of the quest: a journey through interconnected worlds, culminating in a rewarding and challenging experience that showcased the best of blockchain gaming.‍

The Prizes

The quest offered a variety of prizes, all of which were ERC-1155 assets, ensuring they could be traded and sold on the Enjin Marketplace, adding a layer of value and utility for participants.

Main Prizes

SwissBorg provided the quest’s prize pool with SwissBorg Premium Memberships. Sixteen lucky participants who completed the quest were eligible for these prizes. Eight of these winners received a 100% discount token for SwissBorg Premium, while another eight winners received a 90% discount token.

Additional Rewards

Beyond the main rewards, all players who completed the quest received a Cyborg Champion NFT, which could be used in four different games within the Enjin Ecosystem. Moreover, the first 100 players to complete the quest were awarded $10 in Frozen ENJ, adding an extra layer of achievement and incentive for early and efficient completion of the quest.

This structured prize system not only rewarded the top performers but also provided value to all participants, underscoring the inclusive and rewarding nature of the quest.


The Cyborg's Quest initiative proved to be a resounding success, significantly boosting player engagement across all involved games and attracting a substantial number of users to both the SwissBorg and Enjin ecosystems. Despite the challenges of high transaction fees on Ethereum, the initiative received an overwhelmingly positive response from players and developers.

This feedback highlighted the community's appreciation for the innovative use of blockchain technology in gaming and the creation of a compelling narrative that connected multiple games in a meaningful way.

The success of this quest not only demonstrated the potential of the Enjin Platform to host large-scale, cross-game events but also showcased the innovative collaboration opportunities uniquely offered by the use of blockchain-based inventory systems.

Cyborg's Quest
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Cyborg's Quest

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