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Chris unlocks the power of blockchain and the Enjin community

Meet Fungible Chris, previously known for NFT Enterprise, more commonly called Chris.

This blockchain enthusiast hails from southwest Germany and has been an active Enjin community member since JumpNet (Enjin’s previous Ethereum-scaling solution).

Chris’ narrative unfolds as a testament to the transformative power of blockchain and community. His fascination with the technology’s potential combined with a passion for the Enjin ecosystem has propelled him leaps and bounds.

Through NFT Enterprise, a social platform that featured Enjin NFT artists, Chris collaborated with artists around the world and reached thousands of people with NFTs.

These days Chris is building Tipper Bot, an NFT distribution bot on Telegram that interacts with the Enjin Blockchain.

NFT Tipper Bot - Chris’ latest project. An Enjin NFT distribution Telegram bot.

With Tipper Bot, users easily send and receive Tipper Tokens, with the bot handling all the heavy lifting. Directly interacting with users’ Enjin Matrixchain addresses, Tipper Bot streamlines the creative sharing of Enjin Blockchain-based NFTs. It has already facilitated the transfer of over 100,000 tokens.

For token sending, the bot uses its own address, eliminating the need for users to import wallets or sign transactions. Receiving tokens is just as straightforward; users can register any address they choose.

Read on to discover this legendary creator, community builder, and developer.

Rediscovering Blockchain Passion with Enjin

Like many Enjin community members, Chris grew up as a gamer, playing Pinball on Windows XP, cruising in Need for Speed on Play Station 2, and diving into MMORPGs like World of Warcraft.

During this time, he encountered Enjin when the latter started as a website builder specializing in guild management for MMORPGs.

…some of my old World of Warcraft guilds used enjin.com for their guild forum and raid planning.

In his teenage years, Chris collaborated with an online friend to develop a private MMORPG server. Over time, the server gained a user base of 200 active supporters. Some of these supporters generously offered Bitcoin to enhance the server's performance and features.

Being too young, Chris declined the idea.

With blockchain out of sight and out of mind, Chris went about his way until encountering Bitcoin during his university years. One Sunday, while working a part-time job, an elder colleague mentioned the idea, which sparked a journey down the crypto rabbit hole.

Chris came across Enjin again, this time discovering its blockchain ecosystem.

I discovered an ad about a trading card game (Geekoid) that featured prominent crypto people (like Vitalik Buterin and Justin Sun) and used Enjin to mint NFTs - by which they infused their NFTs with ENJ.

With Geekoid, you receive physical cards that may have a sealed seed phrase on the back. This seed phrase grants you ownership over a limited edition NFT.

Geekoid physical cards, image from Chris

Chris adopted this idea, which he had never witnessed anyone else implement. This ignited his interest in creating NFTs, leading him back to Enjin.

Creating NFTs with Enjin

Chris embarked on an ambitious journey to bring NFTs to a wider audience through the NFT Enterprise project.

My Enjin story involves featuring dozens of artists from around the globe and reaching out to tens of thousands of people who received one or more NFTs that I minted with a smile on my face.

He collaborated with artists to transform their digital artwork into NFTs. During that time, each NFT was backed by ENJ, which Chris fully sponsored. He handled the NFT creation process and assumed the associated risks, while the artists provided their consent for the collaboration.

If the art sold, the artist would receive half the proceeds, while Chris would use the remaining proceeds to cover the ENJ backing and other costs.

While the risks and effort needed were high, Chris’ drive for blockchain and community building ultimately persevered.

NFT Enterprise website, screenshot from Chris

The endeavor turned out to be quite successful, as NFT Enterprise reached 30,000 NFT holders. More importantly, some artists became friends whom Chris cherishes to this day.

Sharing so much beautiful art and so many different stories with so many people. Building has also become a passion of mine.

Although the NFT Enterprise website is no longer online today, Chris has managed to build a small Enjin community from this experience. This has also reinforced his belief in creating on Enjin.

Building the NFT Tipper Bot on Enjin

Since late 2023, Chris has been working feverishly on the NFT Tipper Bot, a Telegram bot where users can send and receive “tips” in the form of the Tipper Token.

Enjin Tipper Telegram Community

The bot interacts directly with the Enjin Blockchain and operates with these features:

  • Automated Whitelist - only users who own the NFT Tipper token can make use of the tipping commands.
  • Leaderboards - the more tips sent, higher user ranks unlock.
  • Personalized Messages - at Silver Rank (500 tips sent), a user can send personal messages with the tips.
  • Token Minting - if the bot runs low on Tipper Tokens to execute the commands, it goes to sleep or mints new Tipper Tokens if there's a sufficient Enjin coin balance. The Bot does automated balance checks and much more.

All these current features are building up to the Tipper Bot’s next stage: the Charging Module.

With this exciting new utility, users will be able to deposit their NFTs into the bot’s address. To unlock the NFTs, interested users will have to send the bot Tipper Tokens. This paves the way for exciting NFT airdrop campaigns.

As of writing, the Enjin Tippers Telegram community has grown to over 200 users and the bot has facilitated over 100,000 token transfers. None of this would be possible without Enjin Blockchain’s affordable fees and network reliability.

I don't have to care about fees on Enjin Blockchain as they're insignificant, I don't have to take transaction speed into account as it's super fast and all I work on mainly relies on Enjin Blockchain to be up and running. And it is, of course.

The Charging Module is just the next step and Chris vows to build even more utility around the bot and Tipper Tokens.

He understands the nature of the NFT industry. Holders lose interest over time. Creators always have to come up with something new to prove how NFTs can be used or at least find a fun way to distribute them in a personalized manner.

Opening a New Chapter

As of writing, Chris is currently on a creative break to travel the world and connect with family. Once he returns, the Tipper Bot will be front and center.

He invites Enjin community members to start creating and building and remains open to discuss ideas.

Good ideas will always draw attention and with so many supportive people in this ecosystem, you'll soon make friends! My DMs are also always open, if you want to discuss any ideas…We're all here to help you and to grow as a Community.

Enjin had a big impact on me. Learning about Enjin means learning about Blockchain and NFTs. It means diving into all the great tech and experiencing how each and every component needs to work together to offer a seamless user experience.
Creator of NFT Tipper Bot
Fungible Chris
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