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Earn NFT rewards for playing games and engaging with a community of 3 million.

GameTalkTalk is a social community app focused on gaming—and more importantly, earning rewards from gaming.

With more than 3 million unique users, GameTalkTalk is a social powerhouse in Korea. Supported by Ludena Protocol's platform, the app has expanded globally and is now being propelled further by plugging directly into the burgeoning non-fungible token (NFT) community.

Bringing together gamers of every skill level, GameTalkTalk offers unique challenges and campaigns across games from industry leaders such as Blizzard, SEGA, and more. For completing these challenges, players are rewarded with "LDN,” which will be redeemable for NFTs and gift cards for popular vendors.

In addition to completing achievements across various third-party games, LDN can be earned by participating in the GameTalkTalk platform in the following ways:

  • Leveling up your profile  
  • Posting to the platform
  • Liking other’s posts on the platform
  • Participating in random events
  • Playing in-app minigames (both single and mulitplayer)

GameTalkTalk offers enough ways to earn LDN that anyone who spends time engaging with the platform will find themselves earning rewards simply for having fun.

Customizable avatars for minigames can be equipped with unique digital fashion NFTs, allowing you to establish a unique visual identity to represent yourself in this blossoming Ludena World Metaverse.

Fashion is great, but you’ll also be able to earn and purchase NFT real estate, then show off your collection in your custom home as you play around with your NFT pets. All of this will take place in a virtual world inside GameTalkTalk, where your neighbor could be anyone—even a professional gamer with their own exclusive content.

Ludena Protocol is uniquely positioned to introduce GameTalkTalk’s massive mainstream audience to an entirely new world of innovation and value—the world of NFTs—and to bring developers a new audience of engaged players.

A powerful social community and rewards platform, GameTalkTalk is set to unite millions of die-hard gamers under the innovative, game-changing concept we've all come to embrace: Play to Earn.

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