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Bring Augmented Reality to the Gaming Multiverse

Enjin has joined forces with Hololoot, a pioneering augmented reality (AR) NFT platform, to usher in a new era of accessibility and affordability within the metaverse. This groundbreaking collaboration marks a significant leap forward in the journey toward a more immersive and user-friendly metaverse experience.

By harnessing Enjin's powerful suite of NFT tools, Hololoot empowers creators to unleash the true potential of the rapidly expanding NFT market, breathing life into the digital collectibles that populate this virtual landscape. Hololoot's COO & Co-Founder, Maciej Szafarczyk, commended Enjin's robust support in their mission to redefine interactive NFTs and cultivate a more decentralized Web3 metaverse.

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Unleashing Creativity with User-Friendly AR NFT Creation

Hololoot's highly anticipated AR NFT app is set to transform the way users create, mint, and trade 3D models as NFTs. By removing the complexities of coding, this innovative application democratizes the creative process, enabling users to effortlessly fuse AR and NFT technologies and unlock new realms of digital ownership and artistic expression.

Hololoot's unwavering commitment to the decentralizing potential of NFTs underscores its dedication to the ever-evolving creative landscape. By leveraging Enjin's blockchain technology, Hololoot ensures that the NFTs users create are uniquely theirs, fortifying the integrity and value of digital collectibles in the virtual world.

The Hololoot team has charted an ambitious roadmap, with the upcoming release of its Generator & Marketplace and plans for location-based AR NFTs on the horizon. This forward-thinking approach reflects Hololoot's steadfast determination not only to participate in the current NFT market but also to propel it toward a more engaging and interactive future.

Forging an Immersive Reality in the Metaverse

The partnership between Enjin and Hololoot represents a bold leap into the future of the technological frontier, merging AR and NFTs to forge an immersive digital realm that pushes the boundaries of possibility. Their shared vision for the metaverse will not only transform the way users engage with virtual environments but also pave the way for a world where the digital and physical realms intertwine seamlessly.

“Enjin has supported Hololoot from the very beginning, and we’re thankful for their belief in our vision for the future of interactive NFTs. Together we’re progressing towards our shared goal of building an accessible, affordable metaverse built on a decentralized Web3.”
Maciej Szafarczyk
COO & Co-Founder of Hololoot
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