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This young girl is showing everyone how easy it is to use Enjin’s suite of tools.

When it comes to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), it’s easy to think that only adults or individuals with technical backgrounds can understand it. But with Enjin's seamless platform and interface, Luisina, an twelve year old from Argentina has ventured into the exciting world of Web3.

Luisina, a 12-year old NFT artist from Argentina

The journey to NFTs begins

Luisina appears like your everyday daughter. She likes to draw, play video games, and share these hobbies of hers with other people. But with an open-mind and positive encouragement from others, she’s embracing emerging technology.

It helps to have a supportive father by her side. Formo21, an active Enjin community member and one half of Axiomech (a multiverse vehicle game), introduced her to Enjin.

Since I was 9 years old, I discovered something incredible: I can create NFTs with my drawings! I'm really excited about how technology and art can come together."

She learned about Enjin-powered games such Lost Relics and Space Misfits, her father’s favorites, and soon started to venture out on her own.

Space Misfits, a sci-fi sandbox massively multiplayer online game

Through the Space Misfits community, she encountered Endar, the other half of Axiomech. Endar organized a contest where Luisina won the top prize - an NFT spaceship. More importantly this was a newfound friendship as Endar’s wife eventually became Luisina’s English teacher.

Starbeam - Luisina’s prize for winning the contest

Luisina desperately wanted more chances to express her artistic side and bond with fellow lovers of art and technology. With this, she saw the opportunity of sharing her art in a special way on Enjin.

NFTs gave me a new and exciting way to bring my drawings to life. Now, I can create unique digital pieces that people can view and collect online.

Collaborating with other Enjineers

Luisina’s journey in Enjin can be highlighted as “The Power of Collaboration.”

I've been fortunate to be part of the Enjin community by collaborating with other artists and streamers. I've met new people and had great experiences. Our group is special because we all love creativity, innovation, and blockchain technology.

Through her father’s connections, Luisina dove deeper into the world of NFTs. With his friend Eirik the Viking’s help, she was able to turn her drawing of a “Cosmic Cat” into her first ever NFT, releasing it on EnjinX (the predecessor to NFT.io).

Cosmic Cat (Tribute to Luisina) by Eirik the Viking

Her first release was successful enough that family members jumped on the Enjin train.

Even relatives who had never heard of blockchain installed the (Enjin) wallet on their phones just to have my drawing.

Further collaboration with Enjin community members followed.

Cosmic Gorilla - An animated NFT artwork

Her joint effort with streamer GorillaQuipster on Cosmic Gorilla showed her the diverse talent pool within the Enjin community and how a creative goal can bring people together.

Luisina worked together with Asantos for Eden’s Garden. Through this process, she realized that the Enjin community was not only about the NFTs, but also the harmony of mixing and matching everyone’s unique perspectives and ideas.

Enjin helped me create my own NFTs and introduced me to many passionate people who love creativity and innovation. I'm super excited to keep connecting with others through my creations and see how the Web3 world continues to grow. The future looks amazing and full of exciting things!

A Promising Future

Currently, Luisina is having fun exploring Enjin’s many tools and features and like many Enjineers, she's begun distributing her work via Beam.

Distributing her artwork through Enjin Beam entails a simple process of generating a QR code which interested collectors can scan with the Enjin Wallet app to claim her NFTs. This has made creating and sharing NFTs easier than ever and everyone from all ages can participate.

With Enjin Beam, Luisina distributes NFTs via a variety of accessible mediums such as X. This method could be integrated as well on her friends’ streams as well where she currently holds giveaways.

With a goal of sharing her drawings to people all around the world, Enjin has been there every step of the way.

“While the process can be a bit challenging, Enjin has made it easier.”

Luisina’s story is one of courage and openness. It takes bravery to enter a new world as a young child, but she has shown us that despite the challenges that appeared along the way, Enjin has provided her a supportive platform and community that guides her towards her dream.

If you're thinking about joining the Enjin community, I want to tell you that it's a place where your passions can shine, and you can make lots of new friends. Together, we're creating an exciting world where art, technology, and community come together.
In Enjin, art and technology make amazing things possible. I hope my story inspires others to join this incredible journey!
Budding Artist of Winter Animals
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