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In a future where the lines blur between physical and digital, authenticity is key. Welcome to Pocket Ducks: groundbreaking NFT-backed collectibles reshaping fashion and tech.
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Specialists in AR-Powered Brand Activations & Experiences

Imagine you’re the CEO of Blobby's World, a multinational toy company. You're envisioning an extraordinary celebration for its 25th anniversary.

Your vision involves bringing Blobby, the beloved purple blob character, to life across various corners of New York City.

Customers would embark on a thrilling monster hunt, seeking out Blobbys of various themes scattered throughout the city. But where can you turn to make this vision a reality?

Enter Parallel Worlds, a pioneering company leading the charge in leveraging augmented reality (AR) and NFTs to elevate brand engagement and event experiences. Renowned as a leader in spatial experiences, Parallel Worlds specializes in assisting brands and individuals in elevating the relationship between physical and digital spaces.

Parallel Worlds boasts an impressive clientele, including Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Whirlpool by transforming events into interactive and unforgettable encounters.

The company features an impressive array of tech services including DePIN-based solutions such as NFC and RFID that enable proof of ownership and rarity.

Their initial product, Metahattan, features a groundbreaking blockchain-powered digital twin for New York City, set to debut on iOS in Q2 2024. Complementing this innovation is their sister company, New York Culture Club, which focuses on NFC and blockchain solutions tailored for the fashion industry.

Parallel Worlds is now joining the Enjin Ecosystem to enhance its offerings with Enjin Blockchain’s powerful toolkit.

Enjin Blockchain-Powered Possibilities

The collaboration with the Enjin Ecosystem opens up a world of possibilities for Parallel Worlds to enrich their offerings.

Enjin Blockchain serves as a robust platform for creating, managing, and trading Non-Fungible Tokens, offering a secure and transparent ecosystem for digital transactions and proof of rarity.

Metahattan, a digital twin of New York City

Brand Integration NFTs

The Enjin Ecosystem has become synonymous with Brand Integration NFTs - NFTs that seamlessly work across multiple Web3 games and platforms. These NFTs offer compelling benefits:

  • Attracting Specific Holders: Brand Integration NFTs tied to AR experiences appeal to digitally-savvy consumers seeking immersive interactions.
  • Building Engaged User Bases: On the flip side, Web3 applications can leverage these NFTs to attract and retain highly-engaged users, tapping into the dedicated communities surrounding NFT holders.

Corresponding physical merchandise can simultaneously back Brand Integration NFTs. With blockchain technology providing proof of rarity. A user could scan the physical item and receive an AR platform-ready NFT.

By embracing Enjin Blockchain, Parallel Worlds is fostering a global co-creation economy, where creators and platforms collaborate to shape consumers' digital experiences.

Content Licensing

Your creations can spring to life with the Metahattan platform. Through content licensing partnerships, your NFTs can be showcased in various locations within Metahattan. Imagine stumbling upon an enchanted NFT marketplace during a leisurely stroll through New York City, with your NFTs prominently featured for sale.

Rest assured, Enjin Blockchain's on-chain royalties ensure your work receives proper recognition and compensation, regardless of the marketplace it inhabits.

Imagine The Squirrel main character appearing in Metahattan

Gamified Experiences

Unlock thrilling gamified experiences.

Parallel Worlds can leverage Enjin Blockchain’s play to mint technology tied to specific actions or achievements within AR experiences. Picture an exhilarating AR-based treasure hunt where participants earn NFT rewards in return.

Imagine renowned pixel-artist Mr. Deks offering exclusive 1/1 prizes to lucky participants. These activities incentivize engagement and foster a sense of community participation, enriching the overall experience.

Embark on a Digital Journey

Parallel Worlds’ entry into the Enjin Ecosystem represents a convergence of cutting-edge technology and creative vision.

By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Parallel Worlds is poised to redefine the landscape of brand engagement in an augmented reality future, ushering in a new era of innovation and collaboration.


Co-create the digital future. Check out Parallel Worlds’ website.

Start building on Enjin Blockchain. Check out the platform for developers!

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