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Superful Unveils the Future of Web3 Community Management

By providing constant integrations to the Ecosystem’s creator tools, Enjin Blockchain double downs on its commitment to pioneering the future of Web3.

In this latest development, Superful officially joins the Enjin Ecosystem to optimize creator and collection experiences for all Enjineers.

Superful is the most trusted platform for Web3.0

Created by an all-star team from Singapore and Malaysia, Superful has streamlined NFT community events and raffles for close to 450,000 community users and 2,000 project creators.

Discover Superful’s “Super” Platform

Superful offers a wide range of creator tools for Enjin NFT creators.

Superful is more than just an NFT raffle platform—it’s a utility-driven ecosystem designed to streamline the logistical challenges faced by NFT communities as they grow.

Used in over 45,000 online NFT events, the platform allows you to keep engaging your audience with updates and NFT mints.

Here is a closer look at how Superful XYZ helps you keep your community in top shape:

  1. Utility-Driven Approach: Superful XYZ simplifies essential tasks such as allowlist management, wallet submission, and verification. By providing an easy-to-use interface, it empowerscreators and collectors to focus on what matters most—their NFT projects.
  2. Discord Automation: Integrate Superful’s bot directly into your Discord community. Run raffles directly through the Superful Discord bot through a dedicated announcement, keeping your members engaged and within your ecosystem.
  3. Versatile Event Types: Choose from various allowlist event types, each tailored to different needs. From private raffles and first-come-first-served (FCFS) sales to referral-based events and public wallet collections. Set the best events tailor-fit to your community.
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Enhanced Creator Support for the Enjineers

Get discovered through the Superful team's hand-picked projects.

Enjin Blockchain-powered NFT projects combined with Superful’s tools hold immense promise for NFT creators. Get the best of both worlds - the most advanced Web3 gaming ecosystem and a top community engagement platform.

Here is how to obtain the best value from the integration:

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Creators can feature their upcoming NFT drops on the Superful website. With the platform’s cross-chain compatibility, Web3 communities and collectors from all corners of the Web3 space will get a first look at your project. This increased exposure potentially results to greater demand and liquidity for your collections.
  2. Web3 Integration: Superful’s integration with Enjin Blockchain creates exciting synergies. As both platforms thrive, creators can explore innovative ways to build their Web3 presence. Whether it’s cross-blockchain events or community-driven initiatives, the possibilities are endless.
  3. Community Empowerment: With Superful, the Ecosystem gains access to a robust toolkit for community management, event hosting, and engagement. It’s only a matter of time before another Enjin NFT creator marks their legacy in Web3.

Upgrade Your Community Experiences Now

The Superful integration marks another step forward in enhancing creator experiences in theEcosystem. Enjin are invited to to employ the platform for Discord engagement and allowlist management, unlocking the next-tier in your community’s activity.

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