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Talisman Wallet to Launch In-App Enjin Governance and Staking

Talisman stands out as the foremost desktop wallet choice within the Polkadot community, boasting over 80,000 users and a strong Discord following.

Trusted by more than half of pooled stakers in the Polkadot ecosystem, Talisman recently reached $6 million DOT staked in nomination pools, a testament to its reliability and popularity. Notably, it is open-source, with every line of code available for public scrutiny on Github, fostering a high level of trust among users.

Established in 2021, Talisman Wallet unlocks a universe of applications across the Web3 sphere. The wallet supports a host of functionalities for digital asset storage, sending, receiving, and staking.

Now, Talisman Wallet is bringing its exciting product and highly-engaged user base to Enjin Blockchain.

What’s in Store for the Enjineers

Enjin ecosystem members will benefit from Talisman Wallet’s multitude of functionalities, significantly enhancing the user-experience on Enjin Blockchain.

Designed for the Enjin Ecosystem

  • In-App Governance and Staking: Slated for Q2 2024. Help secure the network by participating in governance through nomination pools to keep Enjin Blockchain secure.
  • NFT Support: Complete support of Enjin Blockchain’s MultiToken standard, natively integrating all on-chain assets. Directly login to NFT.io with Talisman Wallet, and purchase and safely store your NFTs. Watch out for this development for a possible integration in the future.

Current Features

  • All-in-one Web Dashboard: Send and receive digital asset holdings such as Enjin Coin directly from the browser. Gain a 360-degree view of your assets.
  • Multi-chain Support: The Talisman browser extension enables users to effortlessly navigate the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems. Users can smoothly switch between networks and access a diverse array of decentralized applications and tokens.
  • Wide-range of Staking: Participate in over half a dozen staking pools across Polkadot and Ethereum, ranging from nomination pools to ETH liquid staking on Lido Finance. Utilize a convenient one-click multi-staking dashboard where you can also enable the auto-compounding feature, eliminating the need to manually claim your rewards.
  • Transport Assets - powered by XCM, Polkadot’s cross-chain communication standard, users can bridge their assets across various Polkadot networks.

Enjin Blockchain continuously commits to providing a secure and efficient blockchain experience with this Talisman Wallet integration.

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Beyond the Functionalities

Aside from a new and engaging set of user functionalities, onboarding a new decentralized application uplifts the user experience of Enjin Blockchain in several ways:

Increased Participation in Enjin Blockchain Governance

Once completed, Talisman Wallet's integration will enable its 80,000 users to easily access Enjin Coin and Enjin Blockchain staking. This accessibility potentially increases participation in governance activities for Enjin Blockchain.

Greater participation improves the governance and validator oversight across the network. Furthermore, a higher staking ratio improves network integrity and decentralization.

Deeper Liquidity on NFT.io

By adding Enjin Blockchain NFT support, Talisman Wallet’s users will smoothly trade on NFT.io (Enjin’s premier NFT platform). The new holder and demand base improves the liquidity of collectibles on NFT.io, making the exchange of digital collectibles more efficient.

Creators across the Enjin ecosystem will gain exposure to a new audience, stimulating creativity and further incentivizing artistic innovation.

Greater Adoption

Enjin Blockchain’s integration with Talisman Wallet further solidifies Enjin ecosystem growth.

Talisman Wallet follows a long list of Web3 game developers and decentralized applications that have flowed into the ecosystem since Q4 2023.

Enjin Blockchain continuously opens its arms to more Web3 adopters and remains the top-choice for innovation in the blockchain space.

About Talisman Wallet

Talisman is a leading non-custodial browser extension wallet designed for Polkadot and Ethereum, with support of over 180 networks. It's an ultra-secure wallet that simplifies Web3 for beginners and unleashes advanced capabilities for experts. Designed to be multi-chain, it allows seamless interaction with various blockchains while ensuring the security of your assets.

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