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Looking for an accounting manager (minimum of 2-4 years of experience, remote only) to support the chief financial officer of Atlas DevelopmentServices, a core contributor to Enjin Blockchain. Ideal person will have the analytical skill to assist CFO and legal in documenting key accounting, finance and tax policies, be meticulous in managing day-to-day accounting and finance processes, and have the personality to thrive in a remote-only work environment.


Enjin Blockchain makes non-fungible tokens (NFT) integration into games and other platforms no-code, seamless and easy, without need for expensive blockchain development resources. Enjin Blockchain is a Substrate-based blockchain custom built for NFT processes, at the protocol level, supported by a longstanding app layer including the NFT.io marketplace, Beam QR code NFT distribution system, Enjin Wallet, and Enjin Platform API integration system.


Enjin is the world’s first NFT gaming ecosystem, from the launch of Enjin Coin in 2017, and is one of the largest and most developed in this segment. It recently completed a “triple migration” of tokens from Ethereum andPolkadot to Enjin Blockchain, and a NFT migration of over 200 million NFTs. Atlas Development conducts work on various aspects of Enjin Blockchain and its app layer, and co-founder Witek Radomski authored the ERC-1155 NFT standard for Ethereum prior to these migrations.


For more information

Enjin Blockchain Whitepaper: https://enjin.io/whitepaper

Cointelegraph, “NFT platform Enjin forks Polkadot parachain Efinity to new mainnet

“Enjin Blockchain ‘Triple Migration’ Successful”

Cointelegraph, “Enjin migrates over 200M NFTs from Ethereum to its blockchain

“Enjin Ecosystem Lawyer Finalist for “Young Lawyer of the Year””

“Enjin Ecosystem Lawyers Receive Top Global Legal Award”


·      Assist in managing accounting processes and ensures accurate and timely completion of recording of transactions (fiat and digital asset transactions)

·      Assist in management of enterprise digital asset accounting software and upload of transactions to fiat accounting software (Xero)

·      Liaise with enterprise digital asset accounting software and other software providers regarding required features and troubleshooting, and management of related issues such as data quality and processing capacity

·      Assist in preparation, completion, and finalization of annual financial statements

·      Produce financial reports for internal management reporting

·      Manage effective and efficient month-end closing and reporting processes

·      Assist in budgeting, financial planning, and monthly payments processes

·      Assist in determining tax treatment of key items (including digital asset items) and interpretation of Singapore and global tax, accounting and financial presentation guidance with respect to digital assets

·      Manage external accountants to ensure compliance with regulatory and reporting requirements and deadlines

·      Liaise with auditors to ensure timely resolution of audit items

·      Draft and implement internal control policies and accounting policies

·      Document tax/accounting judgments and other key policies

·      Assist in broader tracking of digital asset supplies and metrics

·      Assist in tracking key financial and operating metrics relating to specific apps

·      Assist in working capital management of cash and digital assets and treasury management

·      Assist in management of corporate treasury

·      Assist in strategic planning and research and execution of strategic projects



·      Competitive payment in US dollars or US dollar stable coins

·      Plus digital asset incentives

·      Remote-only, flexible working hours



·     Preferably graduated from leading university in home country

·     Certified Public Accountant (CPA); at least 2 years Big 4 audit experience preferred

·      Minimum 2 years experience in audit, financial controller, accounting, financial planning or similar roles

      o  Must be proficient with accounting software (particularly Xero) and MS Excel

       o  Preferably proficient with enterprise digital asset accounting software (Bitwave, Cryptio, Tres)

·      Strong analytical and math/finance skills

·      Strong written communication and able to draft clear, concise memos and internal policy documents

·      Strong with IFRS, SFRS, US GAAP and other global accounting standards

·      Must be able to work independently as part of remote working team, in a flat, open company culture. Work not limited to purely accounting/finance matters.

·      Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment

·      Must be interested in blockchain and NFT technology

       o  Domain experience in NFT gaming and NFT collectibles an advantage

       o  Blockchain specific finance/accounting experience an advantage

This contract is for Atlas Development Services, a core contributor to Enjin Blockchain.

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