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December 21, 2020

Digital Fashion: The Fabricant Launches Atari-Inspired Collection as Enjin NFTs

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Digital Fashion: The Fabricant Launches Atari-Inspired Collection as Enjin NFTs
We are thrilled to announce a pioneering collection of Atari-inspired digital fashion NFTs to be worn across the metaverse.

The Metaverse is the future of human experience, a seamless transition of the self across multiple digital and physical spaces.

Serving as the trustless bridge between these worlds, blockchain technology is the key to this experience.

The Enjin team, along with our talented adopters, are committed to delivering the future with blockchain early—including providing a taste of the metaverse in 2020.

After announcing our strategic partnership with Atari earlier this month, we are pleased to share the next step in this ongoing relationship: blockchain-based digital fashion.

Cosmetic items are of increasing importance in virtual worlds; in 2018, Fortnite raked in $2.4B thanks to players' desire to express themselves through skins and emotes.

Carrying these items across digital realms is a crucial component of one's identity when traversing the metaverse.

We are excited to once again break fresh ground with a first-of-its-kind collaboration to make this possible, alongside four game-changing companies: Atari, The Fabricant, eBallR Games and DressX.

Together with Enjin's technology, these forward-thinking brands are delivering the experience of owning unique haute couture designer digital fashion and wearing garments beyond the restrictions of walled digital gardens.

Digital Fashion in the Metaverse

The Fabricant: Digital-Only Fashion

The Fabricant is a pioneer as a digital-only fashion house. Nothing they produce will ever see physical existence, and they have worked with such brands as Puma, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, and AAPE.

In the blockchain space, they are recognized for creating the world’s first blockchain dress, ‘Iridescence,’ which sold for $9,500 at auction in May 2019.

Now, The Fabricant are excited to enhance the proven authenticity and scarcity that blockchain provides by adding utility across digital realms and avatars, powered by Enjin’s products and partner ecosystem.

The Atari Pluriform Collection

Atari needs no introduction as a household name from the video games industry.

It is the Atari brand, history, and IP that has served as The Fabricant’s inspiration, along with the world of soccer represented by eBallR Games.

As a core influence at the beginning of gaming civilization it is fitting that Atari should be involved in the next chapter of virtual worlds, and the results are stunning.

Allow us to introduce the ‘Atari Pluriform’ Collection:

The signature Atari 'Pluriform' Robe

Amber Jae Slooten, Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Fabricant, describes this collection:

“The Fabricant’s design philosophy advocates for gender diversity and inclusion in the digital fashion space, where we can transcend the limitations of the physical world. It’s an incredible creative opportunity for us to take that sensibility into the e-sports and gaming environment, to reimagine the very notion of a soccer kit in collaboration with an iconic brand like Atari. What better platform and audience to bring a broader range of self-expression than one where you can endlessly shift identities through gameplay?”

She continues:

“In the real world, soccer is played by multiple cultures whose sports garments lie outside what we’ve come to be familiar with from a Western perspective. These are the reference points we’ve drawn on for the line we’ve created. They are digital sports garments that defy the current cultural expectation, to be worn by anyone, regardless of gender expression, and which introduce the idea of a ‘pluriform’, a uniform silhouette that’s suitable for everyone, everywhere.”

Utility - but Make It Fashion

The ‘Pluriform’ Collection represents the highest craftsmanship of digital art, combined with the utility of the most interactive virtual goods.

The utility comes from being able to carry these items, using the ‘digital backpack’ of your Enjin Wallet, across different Enjin-powered projects.

This includes eBallR Games who, in advance of Kick Off Evolution’s 2021 launch, are launching their digital avatar companion app in 2020!

Using the technology provided by Wolf3d, the eBallR app will allow you to turn a selfie into a digital avatar for use across eBallR’s sports multiverse and beyond.

Dressing your avatar in unique blockchain fashion assets, you can film and interact with the digital you in AR and upload the content across social media.

Preview of eBallR Games Avatar Companion App

For fashion to work across the Metaverse, from 2D to photo-real spaces, the original assets must be of the highest quality.

That is guaranteed by the skill and design of The Fabricant but to prove the full range of application DressX are also supporting these digital garments, providing the service of ‘digitally tailoring’ these assets onto real-life photos.

Before & After

In addition to eBallR, the Pluriform Collection will also be supported in Enjin Adopter projects like MyMetaverse’s Minecraft server and open-world fantasy RPG The Six Dragons, launching on PS5 in 2021.

So now is the time to start filling out your digital wardrobe (hint: it’s your Enjin Wallet) with pieces from the top designers and brands:

The future is early.

Digital Fashion: The Fabricant Launches Atari-Inspired Collection as Enjin NFTs
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