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December 14, 2023

Claim Conditions Open the Floodgates for Innovative Beam Use Cases

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Claim Conditions Open the Floodgates for Innovative Beam Use Cases
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Enjin just announced new enhancements for Beam, the proprietary QR code-based system that facilitates mass distribution of digital assets.

Creators can now implement Claim Conditions, Beam conditions that must be met by the claimer before being able to claim a beam.

Claim conditions range from detecting whether a user holds a certain amount of ENJ and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) to whitelists.

These whitelist and token gating features empower creators with a wide range of use cases from simply growing a following to rewarding the most loyal of audience.

Here’s a quick and dirty guide to using claim conditions.

From Collection to Ecosystem

Claim conditions allow creators to filter claims based on an NFT asset (Token ID) or collection held in the Enjin wallet.

Think of Original Artwork by Hillbilly NFTs with the following details:

Claim conditions can be set on either the collection (these can be one of the many NFTs inside) or a specified NFT within the collection.

Selected NFTs from the collection Original Artwork by Hillbilly NFTs

The biggest NFT brands grew their following by rewarding their most loyal NFT holders with…you guessed it! More NFTs.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) started out as a collection of 10,000 Bored Apes and has expanded to an ecosystem that includes Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), and Otherdeed from the Otherside metaverse.

In the grand scheme of things, these BAYC and MAYC NFTs can be ported over to the Otherside, unlocking further utility.

These same satisfied holders turn into fierce and loyal supporters. Simple holders turn into outspoken community leaders and avenues of viral word of mouth marketing.

Rather than make a collection, creators should bring together an ecosystem where each NFT is tied to another, creating a flywheel of utility.

Imagine an Enjin Blockchain digital asset, made interoperable and accessible in other Enjin-powered games.

Innovative Storytelling

The NFT space is all about attention and engagement. With millions of NFTs in the market, creators need to separate themselves from the crowd.

For years, Enjin creators have dazzled their audiences with their artwork and stories.

Conditional claims take this a step further and open up new modes of storytelling.

Digital artwork combined with NFT-based claim conditions allow creators to tell a story like never before:

  • Successive stories - artists reveal an NFT character’s story arc with each succeeding drop.
  • NFT character sets - blockchain game developers release character-specific accessories and equipment to holders of an in-game character NFT.
  • Treasure maps and hidden clues - creators drop treasure maps to specific NFT holders, paving the way for a digital treasure hunt.

Storytelling builds engagement and loyalty, ensuring that NFT holders stick around and wait in anticipation for the next releases.

Social Media Growth Hacking

Enjin community creators such as Steven, have given away Beams to grow their social media followings. While somewhat effective, this method relied on chance followings.

As a future development, creators can set social media follow rules, turning Beam into a highly effective growth hacking tool.

The claim condition checks if the user claiming a Beam follows the creator’s X account (formerly Twitter) at the time of claiming.

A user sets the X handle through: NFT.io - Settings - Profile

Social Media linking on NFT.io

Here’s a simple execution:

  1. A creator makes a Beam airdrop or giveaway.
  2. The follow-X claim condition is toggled on.
  3. Interested claimers must fill-in their X profiles on NFT.io.
  4. Claimers must follow the creator’s X account to claim the beam

Whether you’re an individual creator or a blockchain game developer, claim conditions will exponentially increase your online presence.

Most importantly, creators can access this Enjin tool for free, saving precious resources from paid platforms.

The Future of Beams is Secure

Enjin Beams are more improved than ever and their uses cases are growing.

The world eagerly awaits how creators will use these claim conditions.

Claim Conditions Open the Floodgates for Innovative Beam Use Cases
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