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December 4, 2023

Enjin Beam Upgrades: New Whitelist & Token Gating Features

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Enjin Beam Upgrades: New Whitelist & Token Gating Features
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Today, Enjin takes its pioneering NFT distribution tool to the next level by introducing “Claim Conditions”.

Since its launch five years ago, Enjin Beam has delivered over 687,473 NFTs. Enjin's ongoing expansion of its features multiplies its use cases and keeps Enjin Beam on the cutting-edge of NFT-distribution technology.

This latest update empowers you, as a creator, to offer your audience NFT rewards for specific actions, such as completing tasks and owning your NFTs.

This gives you everything you need to foster community growth and engagement in unpredictably innovative ways.

Using “Claim Conditions” to Grow Your Community

Claim conditions empower you to set fun and engaging requirements for claiming your NFTs.

This allows you to enhance the interactive experience of your giveaways, while aligning the distribution of your drop with your creative goals.

New Claim Conditions

A diverse range of conditions has been added, tailored to meet your unique needs.

These conditions include:

  1. ENJ Holdings: Holding a predetermined amount of ENJ becomes mandatory, serving as an effective way to identify genuine users.
  2. NFT Ownership: Possession of a particular NFT can be set as a prerequisite, adding utility to your chosen NFTs by making them a key to claim the drop.
  3. Whitelist Inclusion: Access is granted exclusively to whitelisted individuals, a feature that allows you to reward those who engage in designated activities such as in-game quests or social media promotion.
  4. Twitter Follow (Coming Soon): Claimers are required to follow your Twitter account to be eligible for a drop. Please note, this feature will come in a future release.
  5. Geographical Restrictions (Coming Soon): Claims can be reserved for users from specified regions, which is useful if you want to focus on local engagement.

To streamline the claiming experience, Enjin has also revamped the Enjin Wallet UX:

  • Simplifying the claiming steps, reducing the number of clicks required to acquire an item.
  • Presenting all essential information upfront.
  • Displaying claim conditions and verifying user eligibility instantly.

This enhancement to Enjin Beam is a testament to Enjin's commitment to becoming the best creator platform in Web3.

Enjin Beam Upgrades: New Whitelist & Token Gating Features
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