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June 13, 2023

Enjin Blockchain Extended FAQs

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Enjin Blockchain Extended FAQs
Diving Deeper: An Extended FAQ on the Enjin Blockchain and Efinity Matrixchain

In a landmark moment, Enjin releases the Enjin Blockchain and the Efinity Matrixchain — a revolutionary blockchain meticulously crafted for NFTs and other digital assets at the protocol level. This is the great next chapter, a new era for the Enjin and Efinity communities, and the future of NFTs and Web3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjin Blockchain

Q: What is the Enjin Blockchain?

A: It's a blockchain custom-built with NFT-specific functions at the protocol level. It is bolstered by an end-to-end, user-friendly application layer that can be seamlessly integrated. The architecture of the Enjin Blockchain involves two core components: the Enjin Relaychain and the dynamic Matrixchains.

Q: What are the key features of the Enjin Blockchain?

  1. Custom-built for NFTs: The Enjin Blockchain is specifically designed with NFT-specific functions at the protocol level.
  2. Enjin Relaychain and Matrixchains: The Enjin Blockchain consists of two main components—the Enjin Relaychain and dynamic Matrixchains. The Relaychain serves as the foundation, ensuring security, node sync, and block validation. At the same time, Matrixchains offer NFT-specific functionality, enabling customization for different projects, isolated data storage, and a unique internal economy.
  3. Seamless Transition for Efinity Users: Efinity, previously on Polkadot, has been forked onto the Enjin Blockchain as the "Efinity Matrixchain." Existing Efinity users will experience a smooth transition, with all their data, including balances, NFTs, and collection information, securely inherited by the Efinity Matrixchain. An Efinity referendum will be proposed to make this fork official.
  4. Live and Operational: The Enjin Blockchain's mainnet and the Efinity Matrixchain mainnet are live and operational. This milestone opens a world of opportunities for developers, gamers, artists, and anyone interested in leveraging the power of digital assets.
  5. Mass Adoption and Web3 Integration: The Enjin ecosystem's overarching vision remains the same—to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology among developers, indie game devs, artists, and more. The Enjin Blockchain enables easy NFT integration without the complexity and cost associated with traditional blockchain development.

Q: What happens to Efinity with the Enjin Blockchain?

A: Efinity has been forked to the Enjin Blockchain, now functioning as "Efinity Matrixchain", awaiting ratification through a referendum. The Efinity parachain's data stays readable on Polkadot, and the community can guide its future.

Q: When can we expect the Enjin Blockchain to go live?

A: Enjin Blockchain's mainnet is live and operational. The Efinity Matrixchain mainnet is also operational. Feel free to explore on any of the following explorers:

Enjin Console: https://console.enjin.io/

Efininty Subscan: https://efinity.subscan.io/

Q: What does Enjin Blockchain really mean?

A: Enjin Blockchain is used to describe the entire Enjin blockchain ecosystem. Underneath, many different interconnected chains may work together, such as Enjin Relaychain, Efinity Matrixchain, and upcoming Enjin Matrixchain each serving its own purpose. Most users will interact simply with the Enjin Blockchain, and do not need to know the behind-the-scenes work.

Think of the Enjin Blockchain as a big tree. At the heart of the tree, is the Enjin Relaychain. Each unique branch that stems from the tree is a Matrixchain. Anyone (a dev, indie game dev, or a AAA studio) can create their own Matrixchain for their project, app, game, or platform.

See below for a visual example:

Q: What's the Enjin Relaychain?

A: The Enjin Relaychain is the foundation of the Enjin Blockchain. The Enjin Relaychain handles all the security, node synchronization, and block validation. It is a post-Ethereum, Substrate-based consensus mechanism that enables fast and low-fee transactions and is constructed using the open-source Substrate framework. Enjin Blockchain will remain updated with the latest changes from Polkadot while continuing to develop in its own direction.

Q: Does a project developer, such as a game developer, need to have knowledge of blockchain technology to work on the Enjin Blockchain?

A: No, the deployment on Enjin Blockchain is designed to be user-friendly and mostly 1-click to set up and use. Enjin Blockchain comes with the longstanding Enjin app layer, which has facilitated NFT integration without expensive blockchain development resources since 2019, and anyone can build apps on top of Enjin Blockchain. The ecosystem’s mission has always been to simplify the process for developers so that they can focus more on their projects.

Q: I am not a developer. Do I need to understand these different chains?

A: No, as a user, you do not need to. They operate "under the hood" of the Enjin Blockchain. All you need to know is that these systems constitute the Enjin Blockchain and collectively work together.

Efinity Matrixchain

Q: What is a Matrixchain?

A: The Enjin Matrixchain is the primary matrixchain with NFT-specific functionality at the protocol level. The Efinity Matrixchain will be proposed, in an Efinity Referendum, to migrate to become the Enjin Matrixchain and use Substrate Enjin Coin as its native token. Other Matrixchains can be created, enabling anyone to utilise their own Matrixchain for their own projects.

Q: Is the Efinity Matrixchain working?

A: Yes, the Efinity Matrixchain is already operational, allowing a seamless transition for existing Efinity users. All blockchain data from the Polkadot Efinity parachain, including balances, states, NFT & collection balances, addresses, has been securely inherited by the Efinity Matrixchain on the Enjin Blockchain, ensuring the continuity and integrity of user data.

Q: What's the benefit of a Matrixchain?

A: Matrixchains are fast, scalable, secure, and cost-effective.  Matrixchains allow complete customization to cater to your specific project or niche. This also makes them an excellent choice for enterprise users and large-scale teams who wish to establish their own matrixchains. Beyond customization, matrixchains offer the advantage of isolated data storage on a user's individual chain, and the creation of an internal economy focused around the user's specific chain. However, by focusing on a narrower range of NFT-focused customization, the cost of deploying a Matrixchain are lower.

Q: Does each project on the Enjin Blockchain have to have its own Matrixchain?

A: Not necessarily. Dedicated Matrixchains are meant for enterprise establishments that may opt to maintain their data on a separate chain, build an internal economy around a separate chain, or add customizations. However, the deployment of these will be decided by the community. It is anticipated that for most projects and use cases, the Enjin Matrixchain is more than sufficiently flexible and definitely sufficiently advanced.

Q: How will the Enjin Blockchain and Efinity Matrixchain transform the future of NFTs?A: By embedding NFT-specific functionalities at the protocol level and enabling tailored Matrixchains, the Enjin Blockchain and Efinity Matrixchain are poised to transform the NFT landscape. They offer unparalleled flexibility, security, and scalability, making it easier for creators to develop and implement their unique visions and for users to interact with NFTs in new and innovative ways.

Token Merge

Q: When will details on ENJ migration and EFI merge be available?

A: Stay tuned! Details regarding the proposed referendum will be provided shortly.

Q: What is the proposed referendum?

A: Enjin Coin (ENJ) is proposed to migrate from the Ethereum network to become the native token of the Enjin Blockchain's Mainnet on a 1:1 basis. Additionally, the Efinity Token (EFI) is proposed to be merged with Enjin Coin (ENJ), uniting the EFI and ENJ communities through a fair and transparent process, reflecting the communities' commitment to decentralized governance and participation.

Q: Where is the best place to hear about the proposed referendum?

A: Watch Enjin ecosystem social media (all linked accounts are at the bottom of this article!), and you’ll be the first to know about the proposed migration.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the token merge?

A: None at the moment! Stay tuned for further details.

Other Questions

Q: Where can I see the Enjin Blockchain Whitepaper?

A: You can check out the Whitepaper here: https://enj.in/enjinwhitepaper

Q: What about the Efinity crowdloan vesting?

A: The vesting schedules were originally formulated to coincide with the expiration of Efinity’s parachain lease. When Efinity was forked onto Enjin Blockchain, the remaining crowdloan rewards through Polkadot.js were released as part of the fork. The community will vote on ratifying the fork and its accompanying changes.

Q: What about the DOT that was used in the crowdloan?

A: The DOT that was used to participate in Efinity’s Polkadot crowdloan will be released automatically once the Efinity Polkadot parachain lease expires on January 16, 2024.

Q: Will Enjin Ecosystem services work with the new Enjin Blockchain?

A: Absolutely! All Enjin products are compatible. Moreover, developers have the freedom to create additional apps and products that seamlessly integrate with the Enjin Blockchain.

Q: Is the Enjin Blockchain supported on other wallets?

A: Yes, the Enjin Blockchain can be supported on various wallets. Since it is Substrate-based, integration is already supported by all wallet software that also supports Substrate. Substrate is a widely used framework in the ecosystem and has been around for some time, ensuring compatibility and widespread adoption among different wallet providers.

Q: What will happen to NFTs on Ethereum and Jumpnet chains?

A: There will be a smooth transition for all assets, including NFTs on Ethereum, JumpNet, or Polkadot:Efinity. The process for migrating these assets is ready and further details will be provided shortly. The goal is to facilitate a seamless and speedy transfer, ensuring that early adopters are not left behind on legacy platforms.

Q: Where can I read more about what's happening?

A: You can check out the Press Release here: https://enj.in/enjinblockchain

Q: What does this mean to the overall Enjin Ecosystem?

A: The ecosystem's vision is clear: mass adoption for developers, indie game devs, artists, etc., enabling easy Web3 integration without costly, complex blockchain dev. The end goal has never changed.

Thank you for being part of this journey with the ecosystem. More announcements and updates will be coming in the near future!

Ecosystem Socials

Follow the Enjin ecosystem! Daily updates and bi-weekly development updates are posted across all social media channels:

Enjin Twitter: https://twitter.com/enjin

Efinity Twitter: https://twitter.com/efinityio

NFT.io Twitter: https://twitter.com/nft_io

Telegram: http://t.me/enjin

Facebook: http://facebook.com/enjinsocial

Instagram: http://instagram.com/enjin

YouTube: http://youtube.com/enjintv

Discord: http://enj.in/discord

Reddit: http://reddit.com/r/EnjinCoin

Official Support Channels:

Help Center: http://enjin.io/help

Contact Enjin:  http://enjin.io/support

Contact Efinity: https://efinity.io/contact

Contact NFT.io: https://nft.io/support

Feature Requests: http://feedback.enjin.io

Enjin Blockchain Extended FAQs
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