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April 30, 2024

Say Hello to Enjin Discord Bot, Providing Instant Social Utility for NFTs via Discord

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Say Hello to Enjin Discord Bot, Providing Instant Social Utility for NFTs via Discord
Enjin Discord Bot introduces premium-access for your Web3 community

With its multi-functional utility, Discord has emerged as a popular platform to build and engage online communities . Members can stream videos, play games, and engage in discourse throughout the various channels.

Enjin Ecosystem Web3 game developers and NFT creators have also adopted Discord to create communities and gather essential feedback for their own projects.

As part of its commitment to constantly innovating community experiences throughout the Ecosystem, Enjin has developed a Discord Bot that harmoniously intertwines with the Discord platform.

Within seconds, a community member can connect with the Bot and get access to gated-channels within your server!

How to Use the Enjin Discord Bot

For community members, a simple scan of the QR code using the Enjin Wallet app, enables the Enjin Discord Bot to read which assets you’re holding in your wallet. You then gain access to gated-channels within the respective project Discord servers.

The entire user flow is completed within 2 seconds.

Similarly For Discord server owners, in a few clicks you can add the Bot to your server.

Say Hello to Enjin Discord Bot, Providing Instant Social Utility for NFTs via Discord
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Adoption Now Underway

The Enjin Discord Bot immediately adds an extra dimension of engagement to your Discord community. However, it encompasses a wider range of community building and marketing use cases.

A select group of Enjin Ecosystem games and creators have already integrated the Enjin Discord Bot into their Discord communities.

Discover how these Enjineers are utilizing the Discord Bot:

Governance and Feedback Mechanism

Etherscape, a thrilling dungeon-crawler adventure by rising Web3 game developer SamTheBay, has been on a tear. The action-packed adventure game recently entered open-Alpha play, granting access to gamers without the Alpha Contract.

SamTheBay took notice of how the Enjin Bot can recreate the same governance roles granted in-game.

Screenshot from The Etherscape’s Citizens-only channel. Courtesy of SamTheBay.

Discord members holding at least 100 Imperial Sovereigns (the game’s governance token) will get exclusive access to the Citizens role which unlocks a special channel. Through the Citizens channel, the game developers post sneak peeks and early game updates, allowing Citizens to provide feedback and vote on features that shape the future of The Etherscape.

Aside from the citizens role, The Etherscape awards players for holding any game token as well as Enjin Multiverse NFTs with The Etherborn and Multiverse Hunter titles, respectively. Future rewards and utility may be planned for these roles.

Jump into The Etherscape Discord server.

Extra NFT Utility

The Six Dragons, an open world fantasy adventure, has been making waves with it’s unique SingleMultiPlayer experience and in-game NFT item crafting system.

The game is currently available for play via Epic Games Store.

Owners of special in-game items such as the Special Founders Token (SFT) and Governance NFT gain entry to private channels.

Enjin Discord Bot live from The Six Dragons Discord

As special community members, these holders get the opportunity to test early game builds as well as vote for feature requests. These valuable experiences create a sense of ownership for holders as they play a direct role in improving game features.

Dive into TSD's Discord here.

Community Acquisition

WeHopNFT is one of the hottest upcoming profile picture collections (PFP) on Enjin Blockchain.

Brought to you by Sneaks, a veteran Web3 brand builder and Mutant Ape Yacht Club holder, the collection has garnered significant attention amongst the Enjin community with its high-quality art and energetic social media presence.

WeHop has strategically partnered with top Enjin community creators such as Enjin Iggy and Mr. Deks as well as Enjin adopters like Etherscape to onboard their respective community members. With this, Sneaks demonstrates the continued strength of Enjin Multiverse Collaborations.

Holders of partner creators, can claim the Enjineer role within the WeHop Discord. This has created FOMO within the Enjin community with more community artists lining up for collaboration.

For holders with the Enjineer role, WeHop encourages you to stay tuned for more details on special perks and utilities.

Hop into WeHop and claim the role.

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