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September 12, 2023

Enjin NFT Migration FAQs

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Enjin NFT Migration FAQs
Diving Deeper: FAQs on the Enjin NFT Migration to Enjin Blockchain

1. General Migration Details

Q1: When can I migrate my NFTs to Enjin Matrixchain?

A: Migration of Enjin NFTs from Ethereum and JumpNet to Enjin Matrixchain is not available yet. Stay tuned for official announcements and updates. Be prepared!

Q2: How will my NFTs be migrated to Enjin Matrixchain?

A: Sometime in October (date to be announced in advance), a snapshot will be taken to identify all Enjin NFTs on Ethereum and JumpNet, along with their respective holders. Subsequently, all NFTs will be minted on Enjin Matrixchain and made available for their rightful owners to claim. This process allows you to keep your NFTs on Ethereum and JumpNet, while also granting you eligibility to claim an upgraded version on Enjin Matrixchain once the migration is available.

Q3: Why migrate NFTs from Ethereum and Jumpnet to Enjin Matrixchain?

A: Migrating Enjin NFTs to Enjin Matrixchain provides them with the latest Enjin Blockchain features. This includes new functionalities like protocol-level royalties, the ability to trade them on NFT.io, and to link them to Fuel Tanks, and much more! Most of all, the NFT migration preserves the history of these early Enjin NFTs and recognizes their creators and communities at the beginning of Enjin Blockchain. These early NFTs will be honored as the first NFTs on Enjin Blockchain.

Q4: How long after the snapshot will I be able to claim the upgraded version of my NFTs?

A: Once the snapshot is taken and NFT migration becomes available, there isn't a specific time frame within which you must claim your upgraded NFTs. Holders are advised to claim as soon as possible, of course. However, always stay updated with official announcements to ensure you're informed of any changes or updates to the process.

Q5: What steps are required for migration?

A: When the migration becomes available, and you wish to claim the upgraded version on Enjin Matrixchain, you'll need to sign a message confirming your ownership. Upon successful verification, the new NFT will be sent to the address you provided. This is required because there is otherwise no way to link an Ethereum address to an Enjin Matrixchain address.

Q6: Do I need to migrate all my NFTs, or can I select specific ones?

A: The choice is yours. Upgraded versions won't be provided by default. You can decide to claim any number of them on Enjin Matrixchain.

Q7: Are there fees for receiving my NFTs on Enjin Matrixchain?

A: No fees are involved in receiving your upgraded NFTs on Enjin Matrixchain. Just sign a message in your wallet.

Q8: Why can I keep my Enjin NFTs on Ethereum and JumpNet?

A: The approach of providing you with an upgraded version of your NFT on Enjin Matrixchain, while letting you keep your existing versions on Ethereum and JumpNet, has one big advantage: It’s free! If the migration required burnings or other transactions, it would become very costly for all users. Because some users have dozens or even hundreds of Enjin NFTs, the Ethereum gas fees to place these in a smart contract to destroy these prior to migrating them would be prohibitive for many users, lead to many NFTs not being migrated, and lead to many collections split between Ethereum and Enjin Blockchain. This is not an ideal experience for both holders and developers.

Q9: Will everyone get two versions of each NFT after NFTs are migrated?

A: Game developers and collection creators are encouraged to recognize the updated Enjin Matrixchain versions and treat the Ethereum NFTs as keepsakes, although individual developers and creators are free to determine their own treatment. Again, the NFTs are being mirrored in Enjin Blockchain and not truly being transferred because it is prohibitive to destroy the Ethereum versions to ensure only the Enjin Blockchain of each NFT remains.

2. ENJ Infusion

Q10: How does the migration impact the ENJ infusion in my NFTs?

A: Your NFTs on Ethereum and JumpNet will retain their current ENJ infusion. However, the upgraded versions on Enjin Matrixchain will have a minimum default ENJ infusion to prevent doubling your ENJ if both were melted.

Q11: Can I melt my NFTs and retrieve the infused ENJ on Matrixchain?

A: Certainly. Melting your Enjin NFTs on Ethereum or JumpNet will return the infused ENJ to the wallet that holds and melts the NFT. To utilize these ENJ on Enjin Matrixchain, a token migration is necessary. Matrixchain NFTs come with a default infusion of 0.01 ENJ.

Q12: Can NFTs with infused ENJ be staked in Enjin Blockchain after the NFT migration?

A: No such feature will be available on Enjin Blockchain. If such a feature is developed in the future, it will be announced.

3. Trading and Marketplace

Q13: Is trading permitted during the migration?

A: Although it is called a NFT migration, the NFTs will actually be mirrored and duplicate versions will be created on Enjin Blockchain. No NFTs are actually locked, burned or transferred cross-chain, so there is no restriction on the trading or transfer of any NFT on both Ethereum (and JumpNet) and Enjin Blockchain. Again, however, game developers and collection creators are encouraged to recognize the updated Enjin Matrixchain versions and treat the Ethereum NFTs as keepsakes.

Q14: How will the migration affect my NFTs' market value?

A: Again, game developers and collection creators are encouraged to recognize the updated Enjin Matrixchain versions and treat the Ethereum NFTs as keepsakes. It is hoped that holders and traders recognize the value of the NFTs as belonging to the Enjin Matrixchain versions.

4. Compatibility

Q15: Post-migration, will my NFTs still work in Ethereum or JumpNet games and apps?

A: Again, game developers and collection creators are encouraged to recognize the updated Enjin Matrixchain versions and treat the Ethereum NFTs as keepsakes. Although technically both versions may be recognized by games and platforms, recognizing the Enjin Matrixchain versions eliminates the problem of the two versions of an NFT having different owners and ensuring that the game or platform recognizes only one of the NFTs.

Q16: Is it possible to transfer Matrixchain NFTs back to Ethereum or Jumpnet?

A: No, in the sense that the NFTs are being mirrored or duplicated on Enjin Matrixchain following a one-time snapshot, not actually being transferred cross-chain (which would require destroying the Ethereum or JumpNet versions). In this sense, there is nothing to transfer back.

5. Safety, Security and Support

Q17: How can I be sure of the safety and accuracy of my NFTs during migration?

A: Migration follows best practices, with checks in place to confirm successful transfers. Only the verified owner using the relevant Ethereum wallet can claim an NFT's upgraded version on Enjin Matrixchain.

Q18: How can I get assistance if I encounter any issues or concerns?

A: If you face any issues or have concerns, please contact Enjin Support at https://enjin.io/support. They are dedicated to helping and resolving any problems you might encounter.

6. Wallets and Storage

Q19: Do I need a different wallet for the upgraded NFTs?

A: Your current wallet is sufficient. To claim your upgraded NFTs, add Enjin Matrixchain to your wallet. The wallet will provide you with a new address for receiving the upgraded NFTs. Once you received them to the provided address, you can view and interact with them as usual.

Q20: How can I ensure the security of my NFTs post-migration?

A: Upgraded NFTs can be claimed only once, guaranteeing their security. Always follow standard security protocols. For a comprehensive video guide on wallet security, refer to this tweet by Enjin Support.

Enjin NFT Migration FAQs

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