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December 2, 2020

Meet the New Enjin Marketplace

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Meet the New Enjin Marketplace
We’re excited to launch a brand new version of the Enjin Marketplace, bringing an overhauled user interface, intuitive new features, and a powerful API.

On November 27,  2006, Anshe Chung became the first online personality to achieve a net worth exceeding 1 million USD from profits entirely earned from trading virtual assets.

The global virtual economy has come a long way since then—worth over $109 billion today, and projected to hit almost $129 billion by 2021.

This unprecedented growth of virtual economic activity is increasingly fueled by a new class of digital assets made possible by an emerging technology: the blockchain.

3.65 billion of those next-generation assets are Powered by Enjin, and just over a year ago, we enabled everyone to easily trade them with the launch of the Enjin Marketplace.

Since then, we’ve had the honor of helping 45,000 users trade blockchain assets via our Marketplace, with over 600,000 items bought and sold.

Continuing to simplify the ways users interact with blockchain is at the very core of our mission at Enjin, so we decided to roll up our sleeves and make everyone's lives a little bit easier with a new, improved Enjin Marketplace interface and experience.

Today, we're excited to introduce this across-the-board overhaul for EnjinX.

Introducing the New Enjin Marketplace

The Enjin Marketplace has a brand new look, with a user interface rebuilt from the ground up by our product and engineering teams.

The website now runs on a new, open-source Javascript framework: we've switched to Vue.js in order to provide a smooth, adaptable user experience—queries are now optimized on each page for the fastest possible loading time, and the mobile browsing experience has been vastly improved.

The new design is simplified, intuitive, and laser-focused on helping you effortlessly discover, buy, and sell rare and unique blockchain assets.

Simplified Menu

Navigating to different pages, finding rare assets, and looking for meaningful on-chain information can be challenging, so we've come up with a straightforward way to organize the site.

The new main menu perfectly illustrates the core of the new and improved Marketplace, with everything now conveniently split into three core categories: Projects, Marketplace, and Data.

Verified Projects

The new Projects page has a clean, modern feel.

It features Enjin-powered blockchain projects—everything from game item collections like the Multiverse and games like Age of Rust and The Six Dragons, to gamified reward programs such as Microsoft's Azure Heroes, community-created collectibles, and NFTs by companies like Binance and Swissborg.

You'll also notice that some of these projects feature a special purple badge, which comes in two forms:

  • Official Enjin Adopter: Trusted Enjin partners—public adopters of our product ecosystem with the benefits of our technical and marketing support.
  • Verified by Enjin: Projects that have been checked by our team and verified as trusted. Verified projects can range from NFT collections made by our partners, to tokens created by public figures like influencers.

Have suggestions for adding a new type of badge, or think your project should be verified? Let us know.

Reimagined Marketplace

There’s no sugarcoating it—the old Marketplace page was clunky and unintuitive; there was just too much going on.

When we started the user interface overhaul, we looked at a mountain of user feedback, and everyone was saying the same thing: it's decent, but please simplify it.

We did just that.

Our goal with this redesign was to refresh and clean up the experience so that browsing and trading blockchain assets feels fresh, fun, and enjoyable.

You can now easily explore new assets, filter them globally, or even combine search and filters to sort assets from a single project.

Each blockchain asset page now features metadata fields, displayed in the "Properties" section.

These fields offer deeper insight into attributes of a specific blockchain asset—from information like rarity, item type, and tiers, to ownership and crafting activity.

We've also recently launched the Enjin Marketplace API, enabling developers to create their own in-game storefronts.

The API is currently in closed beta, being used by official adopters like Lost Relics and Forest Knight, and will be released publicly in the coming months.

Meaningful Blockchain Data

EnjinX is not a typical blockchain marketplace—it's also a powerful Ethereum explorer.

We recognize the value of being able to easily check everything from simple information about pending transactions, to going down the rabbit hole of blockchain data to find the exact number of hodlers for a particular token.

We've re-organized everything into four key sections:

  • Assets: Easily explore and sort over 3.6 billion blockchain assets—now featuring a toggle button to switch between a list view mode, and a card view mode.
  • Tokens: View ERC-20 tokens, and sort them by market cap, price, volume, % change, and number of hodlers.
  • Transactions: Check out the latest ERC-1155 asset transactions, mints, and melts, and view ERC20, ETH, pending, and internal transactions. Each transaction also features advanced details, providing additional insight into on-chain data.
  • Blocks: Oh, how exciting! Check out the latest and greatest Ethereum blocks.

Kovan Network

Kovan is a Proof of Authority (PoA) publicly accessible blockchain for Ethereum; created and maintained by a consortium of Ethereum developers, to aid the Ethereum developer community.

Kovan-based versions of Ethereum (KETH) and Enjin Coin (KENJ) are free, so when it comes to the Enjin ecosystem, Kovan serves as a testing ground for users, developers, and adopters to play around with our tools, before minting directly to Ethereum.

Now, you can easily explore Kovan-based assets on the Enjin Marketplace—just flip the switch at the bottom of the screen.

Tell Us What You Think!

If the blockchain industry was a space race, Enjin would be the one piloting and experimental, next-generation spacecraft that can take us to the nearest star in minutes, not centuries. Relentless innovation is critical to our core mission: to make it easier for everyone to create and experience the digital realities of the future.

User feedback is proving to be an invaluable tool for us to be able to make that future happen, improve our existing products, and create new ones.

This redesign is just the beginning—we look forward to your feedback and bringing new highly requested features and functionality to our Marketplace in the coming year.

So, go here and let us know—how do you like the new design? What would you change, what would you add? What about our other products? Do tell!

As always, a special thanks to everyone from our community; your support, memes, and ideas have helped us immensely in defining our roadmap and making our ecosystem grow.

We have big things planned for next year here at Enjin—cheers to an awesome upcoming 2021. 🥂

Meet the New Enjin Marketplace
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